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Two amazing inventions I need to share with you today – nothing else but HD Brows, and a thick, knitted poncho. Two very different things providing the same kind of warm fuzzy feeling inside.

If you have been living in the real world for the past two years you’ll know that brows are big, and if your going to put some time and effort into only one facial feature, then embrace those brows! How many times I have talked about my brows on here… I bet your all getting bored. But if your a new reader I’ll repeat my story; so I’m naturally blonde but cursed with thick, dark eyebrows. But recently, the ‘curse’ is now a ‘blessing’. Oh yes, thanks to the legend that is Cara Delevingne, I get praised everywhere I go for having such lovely dark, defined eyebrows. No one believes I have never dyed them, and when they see me without make-up, they can’t believe how shaped and thick they still sit. Thank god for this beauty trend – before that, I used to have to cover them up with foundation and powder them in, in hope to lighten them. Imagine doing that now?

hd brows
Tonight, myself and a friend went along to the Great John Street Hotel in Manchester for beauty event ‘#Thisisme’. Here, we were treated to an eye make-up session and flash eyebrow touch up by the HD Brows team. HD Brows work by styling your eyebrows to their full potential to really ‘wake up’ your face. They transform your brows, not matter what state they are in, and produce works of art sat on top of your eyes to frame your face. The procedure involves a mix of tinting, plucking, brushing, shaping, trimming and penciling. Since mine don’t need any form of tint going near them, I just had a little touch up which included a pluck, a brush, and a pencil. I’m not usually too bad at ‘doing’ my own brows every morning, but I am sometimes unsure of the correct way to corner them off in the middle. So I was very happy with the outcome tonight from the HD Brow team. Check out these show stopping brows!

hd brows
hd brows
The photo quality is once again a little poor due to iPhone 4 shots in my bathroom – but it’s all coming to an end soon as my brand new Canon camera is now on charge! Hopefully I’ll be kissing goodbye to grainey photography soon. Anyway back to the topic – as I was saying, HD brows are fantastic. If you haven’t had a consultation with an eyebrow specialist, it’s really worth doing if your looking for a professional way to improve your facial features simply with a small touch up. It can make you look more youthful, bring attention to your eyes, and have a slimming effect on the face. Gorgeous!!

HD Brows
hd brows

Now I have the HD Brow eyebrow shadows kit on my Christmas list along with the general eyeshadow kits. They contain a combination of shades including a highlighter which can be used on both cheeks and under the eyebrow for ‘lifting’ and ‘lightening’, featuring a subtle shimmer. I trialed out the grey eyeshadows set tonight and I am in love with it. My blue eyes were popping out and glistening – it really is amazing what a difference the right colours that compliment your colourings can do. And nicely groomed brows of course!

Second feeling of fuzzy warmth tonight is my new found poncho love. I have always been a fan of cape sleeves and roomy clothing, but how amazing are ponchos? They are just like a snuggly blanket you can hide behind all winter. I bought my new one from Linear at House of Fraser and it’s absolutely beautiful. In purple and black. I just snuggle behind it all day. I love a good turtle neck too – so cosy and much less need to leave the house wearing a scarf.

what emma did

This winter essential cost £50, which isn’t cheap for a poncho, but it’s thick knitted material, classic colours and cosy feel mean it will never go out of fashion and will be a wardrobe staple throughout the whole entire season. I already know I’ll be wearing it on Christmas day.

So there you go; my two favorites rounded up. Please go ahead and share with me your thoughts on HD Brows – or ponchos for that matter!

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