Lifestyle: Giving up Chocolate For Lent for Beauty Reasons

emma campbell
The photos above may look like your average ‘selfie’ style shots, but these ones today are to purely show an improvement with my complexion and skin health. You see, although my skins been behaving for a while now (as in, very little breakouts or signs of acne), it’s always had a rough texture, a shiny t-zone, dry cheeks and redness coming through. Even when I wear foundation, I sometimes feel like my skin needs editing on photos (I don’t do this on the blog, but I’ll admit I sometimes soften the focus on my close ups for Instagram. Sometimes, you really don’t want to see any small bumps or uneven texture!)

The photos are above are taken on my iPhone in very poor lighting and not with the clearest camera lens, but they are completely unedited. Yes, I’m wearing makeup. I have my fail safe Vichy Dermablend foundation on covering any imperfections, but the point here is my skin looks and feels flawless. No obvious bumps, no poor texture coming through.

I’ve been wary of the amount of sugar I eat lately, and have been making a conscious effort to be more savvy about cutting back. So, in a bid to keep my skin clear and improve my complexion even more, I’m giving up chocolate for lent. Yep, the girl who usually scoffs down a billionaire shortbread slice three times a week and enjoys the odd hot chocolate in the afternoon is skipping it all for a full 40 days.

I’m doing it all for a good cause too, of course. If I’m going to kick my chocolate habit for a full 40 days for the sake of saving my skin, it makes sense to do it via charity. I’ve set up my goals with Christian Aid, where I have my own Give It Up For Lent awareness page. You can find out more about setting up your own challenge with Christian Aid or just finding out more in general on giving something up and generating support for charity here.

If you wish to support me and encourage me throughout this grueling 40 days (and feel free to give to charity at the same time!), you can find my own fundraising page here.

Christian Aid helps fight poverty, and its something I care a lot about. Its easy to take for granted all the things out there we have such easy access to. All the treats, all the opportunities, all the nice things in life. People suffering severe poverty don’t, and it surviving through poverty is a life that is unbearable to think about.

So as my lent challenge is all for a good cause, and all for a great health reason too, I’m happily kick-starting this journey! Wish me luck…

(I’ll be letting you know how I’m getting on via my Twitter and Facebook pages too, so feel free to have a nosey)

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