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Well it has been a good 7 weeks since I have been able to visit the blog and update you on flying away to Sydney and leaving the UK! The past few weeks has been a whirlwind of crashing at friends places, travelling the country on coaches for 17 hour sessions, sleeping in hostels with limited or no wifi, spending my days on the beach, eating out and drinking on week nights (the Emma in the UK never did such a thing!) and generally enjoying the Australian lifestyle and soaking up the Summertime rays I am fortunate enough to experience over here.


If I was to tell you it wasn’t scary it would be a lie, as I flew over here by myself and before this I had never even been on a flight on my own. I came over here with no home and no job, and not really very many friends, so sitting on the flight about to take off did leave me with a funny feeling in my belly! I waved goodbye to my family and friends at the terminal at Manchester Airport before boarding my Emirates flight to Sydney, with a brief stopover in Dubai.

Luckily, I flew with the best airline in my opinion. As soon as I boarded the Emirates flight, the crew were so attentive and presented the whole in-flight film, music and tv show system, as well as showering us all with complimentary food and drink. I couldn’t have felt more relaxed and at home. I am also a girl who never sleeps on anything that moves, so I have never slept on a flight before, even when flying to America. However, the comfort on Emirates was by far the best I had experienced, therefore I propped up a pillow and used my blanket and before you know it, I slept through a good few hours of my 26 hour flight. So when I arrived into Sydney at 11pm, I was wide awake and full of energy surprisingly!


Since being over in Australia, I have been lucky enough to spend time at the world famour Bondi Beach, explored some of the coolest bars in Sydney’s CBD, travelled the East Coast and visited places such as Byron Bay, Surfers Paradise, Mooloolaba, Brisbane (if only for a coach stop) Rainbow Beach, Fraser Island, Airlie Beach, The Whitsundays and Cairns. I have sailed, camped, snorkled and kayaked… I think I will hold off the skydive until I have a job secured! During my first week of Sydney I visited Taronga Zoo which was amazing, I finally got to see kangaroos and their little joeys just casually hoping around. I would recommend this to anyone visiting!

So now I am back in Sydney and looking forward to finding a house and enough hours at a job to financially secure me. It’s still quite difficult to find new friends, but i’ve been here 6 weeks therefore looking forward to builiding all the other factors up the longer I am here. I have feel in love with the Bondi area so will hopefully be continuing to hang out here and find a nice houseshare.

Will update you all soon! Thank you for being patient with me in terms on blog updates, as soon as I have permanent wifi and internet connection, will be back up and running full time again!

Ciao for now x

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