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Last year, I took part in a campaign with Feel Good Drinks all about #SpreadFeelGoodness, in which I used an array of Feel Good Drinks and accessories to have a little gathering at my house (you can take a read here). Sometimes, I don’t want every gathering and get-together I plan to be based around drinking ‘naughty’ drinks and eating bad food.

When I have my friends round for a catch-up, it’s nice to enjoy delicious drinks without over-indulging in sugar, or feeling like I’ve been gone slightly crazy with nasties and sweeteners and all kinds.

This year, Feel Good Drinks are back with a new campaign, in which this time its all-around having a #FeelGoodSummer. Last year was the first time I was introduced to their drinks – refreshing, tasty fruit flavoured drinks without the sugar – and I genuinely enjoyed the whole range from the ‘Refreshingly Still’ options.

You see, with me, I’m terrible when it comes to drinks. I like Tea, Coffee, Green Tea and Diet Coke, avoiding water like the plague except when forced to drink it as I know its an essential. So when I discovered Feel Good Drinks, I feel like I’m actually getting my hydration as well as flavour, without piling copious amounts of sugar into my body.

This year, I’ve been introduced to their new and delicious Feel Good Infusions range, which again are 100% natural with no added sugars. They come in three refreshing flavours – Strawberry and Mint, Lemon and Elderflower, and Apple and Rose. I’m struggling to decide which flavour I enjoy the most, all three actually work amazingly well together. But I’d potentially say I’d chose the Apple and Rose. I think. Eeeek!

For nutritional information, you can find that all out here.

You’ll find that per 100ml, there are just 5 calories in these drinks, yet the pack enough punch as a regular fruit juice in my opinion. That’s the reason I happily sip them – because they taste yummy, with obvious hints of flavours.

As mentioned, I’m hopeless at drinking water. I try to get through 2 large bottles a day when I’m at work, but I don’t always manage it. And even when I do, I definitely don’t enjoy it.

But luckily, I can sip these knowing I’m getting hydration without loading my body with sugars. Ideally, I could do with stocking up my fridge for the remainder of the Summer with a range of these refreshing flavours. Or, when I have my little gatherings, mix them together with the Refreshingly Still versions. The Orange, Water and Mango version is a firm favourite of mine (and one I recommend if you looooove mango juice!)

Along with the bottles, I received a quirky little Summer speaker, a Joe Wicks Lean in 15 Book, Bunting, Flags and positivity postcards which have spurred me on to throw a little end-of-Summer soiree in September.

I know these drinks will go down a treat!


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  1. September 14, 2017 / 12:54 pm

    Personally I drink a lot of coffee with no sugar, but still very rarely JUST pure water. So I definitely like this idea, I’ll look it up and try it!

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