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I’d like to start this post by sending wishes to a personal favourite health and beauty brand of mine –  Happy 100th birthday to the fabulous Nivea! Over the years I’ve experimented with just about every potion and lotion the brand have brought out, and it’s lovely to see the brand is doing so well at the ripe old age of 100!

NIVEA have recently commissioned research by psychologist Professor Geoff Beattie as a barometer of closeness today, with the results showing that in today’s world we are cLoser than ever to our friends and families. You’ll be glad to hear that not only does that make us excellent social bunnies, it’s also a vital positive factor for our health!

Studies have shown that by not staying connected to friends and family very often can lead to a much more lonelier lifestyle, and when you are lonely, it’s easy to fall down the paths of obesity and smoking, resulting in high blood pressure. Having your friends in close contact really is a scientifically proven health benefit! Here’s some examples that have been found…

A healthier heart – close social contact helps lower blood pressure and lowers the overall risk of heart disease.

A lower risk of cancer – one study found that women who don’t really keep a strong social and emotional support network were nine times more likely to be diagnosed with a breast tumour. Regular socialising and opening up to fellow female friends is recommended to help keep the risk at bay.

A happier state of mental health – Loneliness and social isolation are major risks factors for creating conditions such as depression and Alzheimers.

This might come as shocking to news for some of you, and maybe your wondering how this is so? To give a a short summary, it has basically been found that people who feel quite lonely can sometimes rely on unhealthy habits, such as smoking, poor eating and drinking. Great relationships also give us that extra boost of self esteem, therefore people who haven’t had that can often lack self esteem, leading to feeling less motivated when it comes to engaging in healthier diets and exercise. When you step back and think of it, it all makes sense. If you haven’t got people to confide in, stress levels are bound to start building up, eve resulting in speeding up the ageing process.

NIVEA have looked deep into this area and are hoping to make people aware of the issue, aiming to encourage everyone to take some extra time out for our nearest and dearest, indulge in some ‘us’ time and really make a go of holding on to relationships. One of the ways NIVEA have encouraged this is by hosting a facebook campaign called ‘A Million Moments of Closeness’. It basically allows users to log onto facebook, visit NIVEA’s page at and upload images of you with your best friends, mum and dad, aunties, cousins… anyone who you’re close to! There IS also going to be Roadshows around the UK (where you can pick up some fab NIVEA goodies!) complete with photo booths allowing you to have your images instantly uploaded!

Whichever way you decide to share you’re images, your in with a chance to win everyday as Professor Beattie will select a favourite picture of the day. The winner will receive one of 100 prizes worth £100. Not bad!

It’s a brilliant online community that NIVEA have launched, so why not have a wonder over and join in the discussions? Whether its to learn more about the closeness findings, or to simply discuss issues such as long-distance relationships and social media friendship benefits, it’s a truly great topic with lots of buzz! Head over and you might learn even more…

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