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If you live in the UK, you don’t need me to tell you that we’ve been recently experiencing glorious weather. In fact, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling like I’m currently in Spain or Greece with these 29 degrees’ temperatures. Although I’ve noted a few people on social media moaning about the heat, I can ensure you one thing – I haven’t complained once!

The recent heatwave inspired me to put a few pointers together in a blog post about the best places to go in the UK when the weather takes an unexpected turn for the better.

Nothing beats putting together a little overnight bag together (or even just a one day set-up) which features everything to have the best possible time in the UK sunshine.

My first essential is a picnic blanket – you never know where you’re going to explore, and there will be many an opportunity for a picnic when it’s warm. A bottle of spirit which goes with everything – because cooling alcoholic cocktails taste even better in the sunshine, right? My ideal Summertime tipple in the great British heat has to be no other than the classic Absolut vodka. You can mix it with soda and ice cubes for a refreshing, traditional fuss-free drink, with a slice of lime for a bit of flavour. Or, simply add orange juice and a splash of cranberry for an easy twist to the Sex on the Beach cocktail.

Or – and this is my personal favourite for when I’m in a hotel for the weekend – bring along a bottle of Elderflower juice and some lemons! Add these to your ice cubes, Absolut vodka and soda water and you have a delicious Elderflower Collins. You can find so many more exciting Summer cocktail recipes on the Absolut website, so I’ll let you head there and I’ll stop talking about drinks!

I also make sure I pack some oversized sunnies, a cardigan in case the sun goes in (I live in Manchester after all), a Bluetooth speaker and some SPF of course.

Now here’s a couple of recommendations to take advantage of that British sunshine…

Formby Beach

Situated on the Northern coastline of the UK, Formby Beach is just beautiful. It’s actually part of the National Trust, in which you walk through the national park lands and woodland walks, before hitting miles of sand dunes. After climbing over the super soft, you arrive at the beach, which goes on for a number of miles.

It’s clean, spacious and superbly looked after, meaning you don’t get the over crowded effects of a busy UK beach, and you know its super looked after. They also have a red squirrel spotting walking route too for those keen on wildlife.

Your Own Garden

Don’t dismiss whats right in front of you! As soon as you can guarantee a sunshiney day, get yourself a disposable BBQ (if you don’t have one of those proper grills), invite a handful of friends round, and feast on burgers, sausages, salad, chicken kebabs, crisps and dip! If you want a healthier take on your garden party, I recently purchased chicken sausages and turkey burgers, which are much lower in fat.

Arrange a happy medium playlist, stock up on refreshing drinks, and enjoy your own back garden! Don’t forget to keep an eye on your water intake though, as fun as cocktail making and Prosecco sipping in the sun can be! To ensure I’m consuming the cleanest water, I recently invested in a water filter to purify the water I’m drinking and remove any nasties. Try and keep a jug of water on the table outside as often as you can and keep topping up! It’s easy to forget when you’ve got a party round. You can check out more about water filters here.

Spa Days

I recently spent the weekend just gone at Moddershall Oaks in Staffordshire. When the sun is shining and a spa day is booked, you instantly think that it could actually be a waste. Most spa days include being indoors, but this is where its good to seek out those which specialise in outdoor areas.

Moddershall Oaks offers all your luxury, indulgent spa treatments with an indoor pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms, but it also has a fantastic outdoor area. It actually resembles a hotel poolside, with a gorgeous bubbling pool, bar service, sun loungers, showers and grassland areas to walk around. At night, the fire comes on, so you don’t have to worry about it eventually getting cooler.

I have a blog post coming up this week about my day at Moddershall, so keep an eye out!

Brunch Al Fresco

We don’t get the pleasure of dining al fresco enough in this country, so when a weekend arrives where the sun is peeping through, look at catching it during its strongest hours. It’s usually warm between 11-3, so why not book in for an outdoor brunch?

I’m a little biased living in Manchester, which is literally the brunch capital of the North, where you are spoilt for choice. You can sit outside in the premium feel of Spinningfields at The Refinery (I reviewed them earlier this year here), or Northern Quarter fave’s Pen and Pencil or Home Sweet Home.

Either way, make the most of it, because this weather sure doesn’t last a long time!

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