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One of my favourite rooms in my house is my spare bedroom, and mainly because I have turned it into the loveliest little room dedicated to

It may sound a little silly to some of you, but the room is designed to be one big dressing one, complete with mirrored wardrobes for my Boutique dresses (from my own dress shop), a desk for my blogging, a large full length mirror to showcase my blog outfits, and walls which are decorated with success stories and achievements.

Some may say it’s madness, but to me it’s pure genius. The minute I step into the room, I’m inspired in every aspect of my life. The walls remind me of everything I have achieved, from setting up this blog, creating my own shop, winning various awards, all the long hour slogs spent on freelance journalism, and a few sketches too.


The drawers and wardrobes bulging with stock make me excited to grow my collection of dresses and make my boutique more prominent, and the overall decor just fills me with creativity and motivation.

The fact I’ve kitted this room out with a huge mirror resting on the floor is actually the key piece of decor to the room. It lets me snap away as a ‘real person’ trying on my stock, and can simple upload my outfit shots straight to ASOS Marketplace, Depop, ebay and my blog (of course!). However, one huge problem I have is one that I’m sure thousands of other bloggers and dress boutique owners will nod their heads with in agreement: the seasons.

Now we’re in Winter with dark mornings and evenings, trying to get brightly lit shots of my outfits, or illuminated selfies showcasing make-up looks is virtually impossible. So the next step for my dressing room is to look into some gorgeous, premium looking light-up dressing table style mirrors. Instant light, instant glamour, and just down right awesome…



For Winter, the ‘What Emma Did’ room needs one of these beautiful Hollywood inspired mirrors from Hollywood Mirrors. Whether I chose a landscape design to capture more of my make-up and beauty shots for the blog, or one which has more length, the styles they have on their site are just lovely. How luxury would one of these look in your bedroom/office?

I honestly believe that these mirrors are possibly the tools that many of us make-up, beauty and fashion bloggers are missing. With one of these lit up all glamorous and pretty in your room, you instantly have the perfect setting for all those blog shots, without worrying about the lack of light outside, and the shadows you may notice from ceiling lights.

The soft glow is flattering and even, meaning no harsh light from one side and not the other. One of these Hollywood Mirrors is definitely on my wish list for Christmas this year…

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