Lifestyle: Attending a Medium and Clairvoyance Evening

Mediums, psychics, clairevoyants… all slightly strange topics. Ask a room full of people who believes in them and you’ll have a debate on your hands all evening. Personally – I keep an open mind. I’ve never had a really freaky experience from one, although I haven’t really had a bad experience either. So when tickets were only £5 for a medium evening at at Milan Bar in Lee’s, Oldham, a few us decided it could be a fun way of spending our Tuesday night. I skipped my weekly bodytone class for this, so the pressure for a good night was on!

So what did I make of it? Well… the medium – Laura Mould – ran the evening fashionably late. I was on driving duty so was practically drowning myself in Diet Coke, although I spotted Laura having the odd glass of red vino to ‘calm the nerves’. She did seem nervous when she started, although soon threw herself into her show, pacing around the floor with a loud stomp, grabbing tufts of her hair every few seconds in stress. When the first message came through for a middle aged lady, I was actually really impressed that everything she was picking up actually related to the lady. The chosen lady was sceptical – she had informed me that she rarely believed before the show started, but her face seemed throughly thrilled as Laura kept coming out with things only the lady knew about.

And it seemed Laura was on a roll, until she approached an elderly lady and reduced her to tears when ‘contacting’ up her late husband. After bringing on an emotional turn for the lady, it seemed Laura picked up everything wrong after the initial message. She said she saw ashes at his funeral – the woman confirmed he’d been burried. She said his name began with B – the woman sadly shook her head. And then Laura approaches our table, firstly pointing at my boyfriends Mum, whose reading then thankfully restored my faith. Everything seemed pretty spot on, the odd niggly bit, but in general very good. Then she turns to my twin sister, whose due to get married next year, and strongly announces she see’s a break up (cringe… wanted to whisk the poor girl out of the room that very second) before turning to my mum and telling her she’s getting a mesage that she always makes ‘butties’ (actually putting my head in hands at this point and slowly sliding downwards in my chair).

And my faith is lost again. The night wraps up and I was actually thankfull I wasn’t approached. Laura said the room was so busy and that she had hundreds of spirits all fighting to be heard it was really quite easy to get people mixed up. So I guess I’m left still unsure, still slightly confused, but very much still open-minded….

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