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home office
Recently, when I’ve been out and about mingling with other bloggers at events and such (oh the blogger life) I’ve had a few people asking me if I’m working full time on WhatEmmaDid, as my boutique has started to grow month by month alongside the blog. In all honesty: I wish it was full time, however, it’s still a juggle at the moment with the whole blog – boutique – full time job – freelance bits. It’s crazy busy and hectic, but I guess I love the non stop buzz and excitement around it all, and am very grateful for the amazing support and success I have seen come my way through launching my dedicated dress shop.

So today’s post is to show you a little sneak peak tour of where the magic happens! I am lucky to have a second bedroom in my new house which I can totally dedicate to the What Emma Did world, which is officially my home office. I sadly don’t get to spend as much time as I’d like to in here, with working late and being away from home a lot, but the time I do spend here is 100% dedicated to the blog and boutique, therefore is decorated to reflect my fashion loves! And to be blunt – I love this little creative space in my house. I love nothing more than opening my laptop and cracking on with blogging, photography and dress orders. It’s not completely finished (I only moved into my house three months ago) but so far it’s coming along a dream…

dress rail
fashion desk
I photograph a lot of my beauty products against this decorative piece of card from Paperchase, just to avoid shooting with the desk or floor as a backdrop (or some worst case scenarios… my bedding!). I do want to increase the number of backdrops I have for my beauty product blog posts, to prevent my readers getting board of the same background being used, so I guess another trip to Paperchase needs to be actioned soon! Another thing I want to look at in more detail is to purchase some floating shelves, to help take away the piles-ups on my desk to create a little more space. Shelves can allow some really creative organisation, and I reckon if I had two of three fitted to the back main wall, it would really finish of this little home office…

bloggers desk
blogger studio
wall art
frame wall art
dress studio
cosmo blog award
As you can see, I’m quite lucky to have some new mirrores wardrobes in my office, where all my dresses are tucked away in size order. However, as the boutique is growing at quite a nice little pace, I’ve started to put up rails to hold new stock to remind me to book them in for photoshoots. The ones I have are made up of silver and grey railings, to keep in with the chic silver/black/white theme I try to hold strong in this room.

quote frame
what emma did
home studio
I hope you like the tour, showcasing the four corners of my home office! This is where the majority of What Emma Did work takes place, so I’m happy to be able to ‘open up the door’ and give you a little sneak peak of it’s four corners. If you have any questions about where certain items are from, just drop me an email or comment below. Thanks for stopping by!

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