Lifestyle: A Blow Dry at Blow LTD + Debenhams Bring It On Event

Last week, I headed to Debenhams on Market Street for a Bring It On Event – celebrating fashion, beauty, but more importantly, confidence.

It was so nice to see a panel of influential women (and a guy, of course!), all from different backgrounds talking about their hang-ups, along with giving confidence tips, and just being ‘real’.

It’s been aaaages since I attended a panel talk event, and I think this empowering Debenhams talk was a really great way to get back into them. Before the event, I was booked in at Blow LTD for a cheeky little smooth blow dry…

Love the smoothness and flexibility my naturally flat hair had after the Blow stylist worked her magic with the hairdryer! Lots more movement. Plus, just look how silky smooth and straight it looks?

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make you feel more confident. I wouldn’t say I rely on getting my hair done for that instant confidence boost, but, I know that when I wear my hair tied up, I always feel like I look like a little schoolboy! Isn’t it funny the hangups we develop?

I quickly went for a smooth blow dry at Blow LTD just before the event, and the lady washed and transformed by flat little ponytail from that day to a sassy, smooth style.

I was really impressed at the speed of the ladies at Blow LTD in Debenhams you know… they also do nails and makeup, which I didn’t have time to book in for, but if you’re in the city and need that quick ‘on-the-go’ glamour, I’d highly recommend popping in.

They have all the looks displayed on a look sheet too, so if you’re like me and a bit indecisive sometimes, it really helps. You can just browse the styles and pick which one you fancy…

I recently ran a ticket giveaway for the Bring It On event, so you can find out everything about it and the initiative behind it over here on my previous blog post

The event was hosted by a mix of female panellists with an uplifting and inspiring story to tell, including plus size model, Callie Thorpe and Kirsti Hadley, founder of the GrlPwrGang movement.

The stories they told and the tips they shared were so insightful for me, and you know what, sometimes we just need to hear other women open up about their insecurities, to realise we aren’t alone with our thoughts…

Oh and here I am, super sassy straight hair side shot! Had to get this one in after my blow dry, wink wink…

A lovely event from Debenhams. Inspiring and empowering, and a fantastic way to spend an evening during the week…

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