Lifestyle: A Beautiful Therapy at The Divine Hub, Didsbury

Ever had an experience where you feel like you have been to paradise and back? I certainly did last week. I took myself to a place called The Divine Hub, nestled away in East Didsbury, for 3 hours of total pampering. Three whole, uninterrupted hours. Sounds like a dream, right?

I heard about a lady called Maria Pringle, who runs A Beautiful Therapy, situated at Didsbury’s Divine Hub, last month. She provides a service which I like to think is more of a necessity to our lives, except we rarely see it that way.

And that is no other than Holistic Therapy: Full Body Massages, Reflexology, Indian Head, Facials… essential therapies for our well-being, yet something we don’t treat ourselves too often enough.

I was booked in for the Mind, Body, Soul treatment, which is three luxurious hours of a full body massage, reflexology, Indian head massage, and finally followed with a relaxing facial, with natural products. I was super excited to indulge in the treatment, and just loose myself to three hours of having my mind, body and soul extremely looked after.

When I entered The Divine Hub, I fell in love with the little space that Maria carries out her therapies instantly. The Hub is a quaint, relaxed, and sort of whimsical place. It’s home to lots of different activities, from Maria’s holistic therapies, to angel card reading, mediumship and all types of energy therapies.

Maria took me through to her gorgeous treatment room, and thoroughly chatted to me about my life, my health, my well-being etc, to get a good understanding of what I would benefit from.

I was having the Mind, Body, Soul package, which started with the full body massage. All I can say is massive apologies to Maria – who knew my back was actually full of knots?! The top of my back towards my shoulders and neck were riddled with knots, which I blame from hunching over a laptop day in day out, producing online content all day!

Maria did an incredible job – I’ve never had anyone take so much care and effort with genuinely trying to heal my problems and solve the. She worked on my knots until she probably had no arm strength left, putting massive amounts of effort in. It was so refreshing to work with a therapist who really wanted to see the results. Usually, I’ll have massaged which are totally lovely, but they never really stop to work on my knots and aching muscles.

The oils used were uplifting, calming and relaxing, and I literally felt all the tension that has built up over the year easing away.

I have to say that the next session, the Reflexology, was possibly my favourite part though. Maria uses a technique of working an entire pattern of the reflexology therapy, starting at the toes and working down the foot. Her complete reflexology therapy session used many different techniques and included all of the points on both feet, which felt incredible!

It’s fascinating how Maria can reflect to internal organs and glands as well as muscle groups, bones, nerves and the brain whilst carrying this out. So for example, if you have a specific condition, such as migraines, Maria would be able to carefully feel and work the area corresponding to the presenting problem.

She explained her findings with me, which was so interesting to hear. I’ve never had reflexology done before and I am definitely now a huge fan of it!

After this, a soothing Indian Head Massage and Facial – using Elemis Superfood products – were carried out, leaving my head feeling as balanced out and relaxed as my body.

The Indian Head Massage was brilliant, as Maria used techniques such as soft hair pulling, which again, is totally new to me and felt amazing. Almost like the tiny aches and pains around my head were lifting.

The important thing here is how I felt afterwards. I was completely light footed, I felt a little breezy and happy, yet also tired, like I could curl up and go to sleep. I had the BEST nights sleep of my life that night, and woke up feeling like a completely new woman.

It is an indulgent treat as the Mind, Body and Soul package comes in at £200, but the whole way through I kept thinking: my sister would absolutely love this. It’s giving your body some love after all the neglect we give it. All the aches and pains we let it carry just get massaged away, and it’s also a fantastic opportunity to clear your mind, reflect on your health, and consider looking after your body more.

It’s certainly brought to my attention how I neglect my posture.

If you’re struggling for a Christmas gift for someone who needs some TLC and pampering, and especially some me time, I can’t rave about this enough. Maria is a super human and I can’t thank her enough for three hours of bliss!

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