Lifestyle: 6 Achievable New Years Resolutions for 2017

As soon as the clock struck midnight on New Years Day, 2017, in came all the aims, goals, aspirations and dreams being set by pretty much everyone on the planet. If like me you’re a little bit of a workaholic and regularly put too much pressure on yourself, you may find some of the generic resolutions a bit unachievable and uninspiring.

I actually spent the last few days of 2016 beating myself up that I didn’t meet the goals I had set myself for the year. It really is pathetic – I set myself hardcore, impossible tasks, so that when I approached 1st January 2017, I felt mad at myself for not quite meeting them all. And that’s bad – we beat ourselves up enough in daily life, so I shouldn’t be doing it about not meeting my ‘OTT’ goals.

So this year, I’ve decided not to set myself these extreme, impossible resolutions. There’s always room to grow, adapt, and achieve more, but it’s much more enjoyable to take the pressure off yourself. And that’s what I intend to live by in 2017!

So with that in mind, let’s talk about some resolutions for 2017 that will motivate us to become better people, in whatever aspects we wish to be, and let’s not ignore the steps that will get us to that longer term goal. Here’s a few of mine…

Self-Praise Myself For Hard Work

If there is one thing I need to bear in mind more often, it’s that I should self-praise myself for the goals and achievements I feel are important, and not what other people class as important. Sometimes, we hit milestones and achieve things that to us are incredible, but to other people they may seem pointless, stupid, and not worthy of anything. The key here is to never get bogged down by anyone elses opinion on your goals – just focus on giving yourself the self praise you think you deserve.

I have all sorts of goals such as to grow my social followings, improve my website, expand on my dress boutique and continue making blogger friends (and industry friends). Yet other people may mock me for spending too much time on my phone, taking photos wherever I go, putting effort in social media and ‘wasting time’ socialising. This is where I slip up and go wrong. It isn’t their life. It’s mine. It’s more their career, their happiness, their enjoyment and passion. It’s mine.

This year, I really need to learn when to close them ears and focus on self-praising myself. It’s the only way to move forward with yourself!

Spend More Time at Home

For the past few years, my work-life balance has been shocking. I leave the house at 7 am most mornings, and return at 8.30 pm on the days I go to the gym. I’m rarely home before 7 pm ever, meaning those evenings are taken up with rushing around to take a shower, cook some food, catch up with my boyfriend, and try to do a bit of blogging/social media/photography. The time I spend at home relaxing, cleaning, generally just doing ‘house admin’ is next to nothing, and it’s one of the main things that causes me stress.

Half of the time, I don’t even realise I’m stressed about it. But every now and again I’ll get all teary that I haven’t been able to hoover since like… forever… and I just want to watch a film with my other half without worrying about those blog emails I haven’t replied to.

I’m not sure how I’m going to tackle this aim, but quality time at home with loved ones (or even by myself) is key to a balanced life. Reading books, cooking, talking, cleaning… these are normal tasks we all should have time to do. I started being more creative in the kitchen towards the end of 2016, baking more desserts and being experimental with main meals, and although I’m no Nigella, I’m impressed with myself! Perhaps I’ll try take a Sunday once every fortnight where I spend the afternoon trying new cooking ideas. Lets see how this one goes!

emma campbell
Be a Better Person

With this one, I don’t mean improving my personality or doing more good to the world and to others. Without sounding like I’m floating my own boat a little, I’m genuinely a good little egg in this world, who treats others how I like to be treated, I’m overly polite, helpful and super kind.

What I actually mean by this is to be a better person in the role I have to others. A better daughter, by spending more quality time with my parents and making more memories. A better twin sister, by taking more time to do sisterly things and continue with our daily phone calls. A better Auntie, by making sure I don’t miss out on any part of my baby Niece, Emilia, growing up and all her important steps whilst being so young. A better girlfriend, by making sure I don’t bog myself down with work, blogging and growing my business when I could be planning adventures with my boyfriend. A better friend, by organising more get together’s rather than just turning up at the events I’m asked along to.

There are so many ways I can be a better person, and it’s important to never loose sight of this, and keep on improving. It will only add more quality to my relationships…


Develop My New Site

I’ve been building, designing and putting together my new boutique website, so that my dresses will start to sit away from the blog. I guess I’ve just found having an ecommerce section to the blog slows it down and takes the focus away from what it started out as – a lifestyle blog. So I decided to hit up the very stylish and easy-ish to use SquareSpace, and build a brand new site.

The site currently sits at but it isn’t quite there yet… I’m onto it… and I hope to keep making this little fashion hub more and more lovely by the day!

Be Positive

Positivity! Now this might seem a bit of a standard one, but again I feel this is another one we can all get on board with and it’s one I need to have at the forefront of my mind for sure. If I think about it sensibly, I’m probably a relatively positive person, but when all of the above things I struggle with get a little too much for me, I sometimes feel like I’m drowning in life, work and pretty much everything, and I find it hard to keep smiling.

The key to remaining positive is to surround myself with people who are little miracles in my life. The ones that are always smiling, being rays of sunshine, who love to lift me up and show me that I have so much to be thankful for. I know a lot of these people, who see the positive in everything, and I really really want to become like one of those people.

Get More Sleep

Its always surprising to me that improving sleep isn’t a huge one that pops up on peoples New Year’s resolution lists. Sleep, along with exercise and diet, are part of the three ‘pillars of health’, acting as crucial time to let your body heal and repair. Moreover, improving your sleep may help you to reach your other goals – eating better, exercising more or losing weight. Without going into it, studies have found that losing sleep is associated with increased appetite (particularly for junk food!), feelings of fatigue (it’s hard to exercise when you’re tired) and unhealthy dietary choices, or just plain stress.

For me, it’s a number of reasons why I’m so poor at clocking up eight precious hours. I’m much more of a 5 hour girl, which needs to change this year. For one, I’m a light sleeper. Anything wakes me up, including snoring. Snoring is a huge factor which can be detrimental to a lot of peoples sleep, whether it’s your own snoring waking you, or someones elses. There’s a helpful guide to snoring mouthpieces I found online which is a solution to look into.

It’s going to be a tough one, but I’m going to invest much more into getting into bed by 10pm on a weeknight, and properly winding down to beforehand to ensure a much longer, fulfilled nights sleep.

And the others…

OK so there are a few others that are a little more ‘lets just wait and see’, and one’s I’ve had running around my mind for previous years too. These are:

Don’t drink as much – although I’m not a big drinker, I can’t help but think of all those wasted Sundays I’ve spent feeling rotten, and all the money I’ve spent on £10 cocktails, one after another. But saying that, I love a glass of red with a nice meal, and a glass of fizz at blogger events. So it’s a tough one to try and resolve. Perhaps it;s all about limiting those ‘binge drinking’ nights, where I can really pull it back.

Bake more – I mentioned this above, and it’s one I really want to get my teeth into this year. Especially with sugar-free desserts. Again, time is the one thing that gets in the way here, but lets just see. I have a good feeling about 2017 and my time management, and you may well start to see more baking on the blog!

Save up – Like 10k. Like really. No I mean it, I’m setting myself a huge goal of saving £10k, and I’m not too sure how I’ll do it. I started this in November, by selling a lot of my unwanted things on eBay, and taking on little blogging jobs here and there. Maybe I’ll try and up my freelance make-up jobs to bring a little more in. Maybe I’ll completely tighten my strings, and live like a frugal person. No more £2.80 lattes on a daily basis. I have faith in myself, but lets just see what I report back at the end of 2017…

I guess I’ll end this with a Happy New Year to you all! Make 2017 the year of YOU. Please YOUR needs, and reach YOUR goals.


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  1. January 3, 2017 / 1:20 pm

    Wow you do have quite a bit on your plate! I find that finding easy recipes on Pinterest might actually help you with cooking skills. Slowly but steady!

    Saving money is always on the list too. But don’t beat yourself up of you don’t reach 10k. 2k or 3k is already great, and better than nothing! In fact, you’ll save so much more by cooking and bringing your lunch to work.

    I wish you all the best with the blog and shop, I’ll keep an eye on your activity! xx

    Much love,

    • whatemmadid
      January 3, 2017 / 7:52 pm

      Thank you lovely, and happy new year!

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