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A bit of a personal one on the blog today, reflecting on a few little things whilst spending my last couple of days in my twenties. Ahhhh – how did the dirty thirty come around so quick? Luckily, there are so many things I wanted to achieve before turning 30 that I’ve managed to tick off. But like any human being, there are still so many things I want to aim to achieve for when I enter my thirties. But that’s cool, because I’m pretty content I’ve got near enough where I want to be in life. So I don’t have that country mansion yet or a long haired Chihuahua, but hey, I’ll get there…

Basically, I went to see a psychic medium the other week who made me a little bit angry with some of her ‘readings’. And before you sit there giggling at me for paying to see one (I can hear you!) I have actually seen some really good ones before. Like scarily good, so lets not judge me too much for having an interest in them (well you can if you like… I guess it is one of my more odd-er interests). She basically told me I had let go of a lot of opportunities, I hadn’t travelled, I hadn’t switched careers to further myself, and I had let chances pass me by. I could literally feel my blood boiling. OK, so there may be the odd little thing I may have let slip by, but definitely none of the above.

I reached 27 and flew away to start a new little life in Australia. I travelled to some incredible places on my route home. I’ve started my own business – – which has lead to launching a side line dress boutique and made me into a little businesswoman (awww, you can call me a #GirlBoss if you really want to!). I’ve worked at some brilliant workplaces all related to my degree and passion for the fashion, journalism and marketing industry. I learnt enough skills to then becoming a successful blogger, securing new knowledge in SEO and letting it take me to new levels. In fact, it all brought me to my current position, where I am a Beauty Content Manager for some of the most loved and excitable beauty brands in the world. I spend my days producing beauty editorials, and I’m super lucky to have been given the opportunity.


I’ve experienced living the city life in the heart of Manchester, and also doing girly house shares in other parts of the country. I’ve lived away at University, I’ve held onto friends and have lots of lovely groups. I’ve bought my own cute little house, all on my own. I’ve done the whole girly holiday period. I can play the guitar. I’ve returned to my old university to talk about my career. I became an auntie to the most adorable niece. Oh, and did I mention I just climbed Snowdon?…….

emma campbell
My lovely boyfriend took me to Wales to finally climb a mountain in the UK as a little pre-30th weekend away, which was always something I wanted to do. Something I wanted to do, but possibly wouldn’t have thrown myself into it myself without the encouragement. A lot of people out there have climbing Snowdon on the good old Bucket List, so I’m super proud to tick it off.

emma campbell
So it sounds like I’m about to turn 30 feeling pretty content, right? Right. I’ve achieved a lot in my sweet 30 years, so I’m actually going to start giving myself a break. That’s right: no more creating huge aims, just stripping them all back. I’ve worked 24/7 during the last two/three years, along with being a complete socialite. So now it’s time to strip it all back. I’m finally where I wanted to be: a great career, a great business, a great house, a great family, great friends, a great relationship, great health… can I say the word great anymore?

So why give myself any more stress by adding goals to achieve? I’m fairly harsh on myself in general anyway, always pushing myself that little too much and making myself overly tired and over worked.

So the goals for turning 30 actually consist of this: reflecting on my successful 30 years, and taking a step back. Relaxing, appreciating the things I have, and looking after myself. These three little things below may seem super tiny, but are actually the only goals I now have for my next thirty years.


1. Look after my body and health

Better late than never; it’s time to start looking after my appearance a little more now that I won’t be getting younger. I’m going to make a conscious effort to get much more sleep now I’m entering the big 3-0, no more surviving on 5 hours sleep a night and pretending I’m fine, mid way through a yawn. I’m also going to spend more valuable time pampering myself, whether at spa’s or at home.

I’m definitely going to start working on giving myself that natural, youthful glow that I’ve let slip in my twenties from way too many late nights, self neglect and lack of pampering.

coffee press

2. Become more ‘house-wifey’

OK this one isn’t as dull as it sounds. But what I mean is the pure shame I feel when I watch younger girls than me bake brilliant cakes from scratch, or produce some crazy cooking concoction that I haven’t mastered yet. I want to become a bit of ‘lady in the kitchen’ – even if that means spending my Saturday mornings having a bit of bake off with my oven.

I’m going to drink more fresh coffee from a decent French Press Coffee Maker like this one from Foodal during weekend mornings, read cooking books, and plan some new meal and dessert ideas. The 30 year old me is going to be such a Nigella. I have discovered that the older I get, I have developed a strong love for proper coffee, and a good quality French Press Coffee Maker is one of the items I’ll be purchasing with any birthday money. Plus, how good do they look in your kitchen?

3. Explore more

I just mentioned above that I took a weekend out to climb Snowdon. Uh… since when did I become a climber? The 28 year old Emma would have laughed at the 29-pushing-30 year old Emma, hunching over the mountains grabbing onto my thighs in agony. But I tried it, and I loved it. What I loved even more that it was a chance to explore Wales. I mean – it’s only the second time in my life I have been to Wales. How pathetic is that? As soon as I have some free weekends, I’m going to try and fill them with adventures and sightseeing trips. The world is a big place, and I haven’t even discovered a fraction of it yet…

Anyway, I’ll stop waffling on now and go and enjoy the last three days of being in my twenties! 30th birthday party photos will follow shortly… (if everyone turns up to it, mind!).

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