Learning the Art of Calligraphy

For a lot of us, the start of a new year is the chance to indulge in new hobbies and activities. I might be a little late to the party by discussing this in the fourth week of January, but I’ve been meaning to talk about my love for calligraphy and handwritten letters for a while now.

Calligraphy is something I’ve always wanted to learn after meeting a Calligraphy artist around 2 years ago, and just watching her work swirly lettering and stylish fonts onto paper amazed me.

It’s a skill in itself for sure, but it’s also so pretty to look at. When I go to weddings and I notice those super neat, handwritten calligraphy style name cards, or even on the invite I’ll be clutching, it just gives that personal touch. I always think that if you can successfully carry out beautiful, elegant calligraphy writing, then you have a much desired skill for life.

So how do you even get started in calligraphy? Well firstly, to try your hand at it and get started, you just need two important qualities: patience and imagination. I do feel that some people out there have much more creativity and a more design focused imagination than others, and that will certainly help. But anyone can have a go if you’re willing to learn.

The lady who I met a couple of years back has made a brilliant career from calligraphy, and I’ve spied she now runs workshops around the Northern Quarter in Manchester, teaching people from beginner level how to learn this skill.

I’m possibly going to book onto one of her classes when Spring kicks in, as I’d love to learn the professional way first and make sure I’ve kick-started my learning properly. But there are so many guides and tutorials online, YouTube has millions!

Another part of calligraphy worth noting is that a lot of its beauty comes down to the equipment you use too. With the pens, I was genuinely shocked at how many different types there are out there. I came across a piece online which outlined each type of pen, from the Lamy Joy to the Pilot Parallel, and it blew my mind. Don’t be fooled by thinking it all comes down to a fountain pen and a piece of thick, quality paper. There are all sorts of tools out there for different effects! I won’t break them on down in this post, but you should check out the full advice piece here – this is a great guide.
If some of you are reading this and agree with me that this art form is really lovely, but aren’t too sure how you would incorporate it into your life, I’ll share with you a few areas I’d like to bring it into:

  • Instagram and social photos – to design my own calligraphy style quotes and illustrations, which would look super cute snapped and shared across my instagram account
  • Handwritten letters and envelopes – for any type of correspondence, from birthday cards to random letters
  • Event invites and stationary – to be able to offer to produce handwritten calligraphy wedding invites and stationary for friends and families weddings
  • Wall art – a little bit of a bigger one! How cool would it be to create a gorgeous quote or passage written in calligraphy font on A4, framing the piece and placing on the wall?

If you have any creative hobbies or any areas you’d like to break into this year, let me know in the comments below!

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  1. January 24, 2017 / 3:17 pm

    These all look so beautiful! What a fun thing to learn. Very inspiring to take on new hobbies and skills, I love it!

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