Lambrini Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

I got a little bit excited to put this blog post together, because it fills me with lovely memories of my uni days and socialising with my girls throughout my twenties. The slightly sparkling, medium sweet perry fruit wine Lambrini is celebrating its 25th anniversay this year!

And just in time for Valentines Day, I’ll be opening up this very large bottle for a celebration. I’m not a big drinker, but when there is a celebration, an occasion, a girls night, or even those lovely nights in when you’re cooking a nice meal and don’t have to get up early, I like to enjoy a bottle of something slightly fizzy.

Fruit wine Lambrini has filled the gap for this over the years, as for me, it’s super affordable and delicious! And who knew it was actually reaching 25 years old?

I remember Lambrini being the favourite tipple amongst me and my university girls. We’d occasionally enjoy a glass with an oven pizza when we handed our coursework in, and wanted a celebratory girls night in.

I honestly don’t think you can really beat ‘The Original’ – it’s slightly sparkling sweet taste goes with most meals I make. However, I do tend to enjoy it the most when I have the girls found and we’re snacking on bruschetta’s, pastas, crisp and dip and cake! It literally works with everything and has such an all-rounder taste.

And then I remember when the Very Cherry flavour burst onto the scene. It fast become my favourite, but lets be honest, you can’t beat The Original every now and again! The Very Cherry is more of a sweeter, fresher, summertime tipple, where as The Original is a classic.

I also found out that The Original now has a ‘skinny’ version, which is the same great taste of The Original but with only half the calories! That’s right; 125ml gives you just 29 calories! Now this is a new one for me…

With Valentines Day coming up as my next celebration, I’ll be either treating myself to the Very Cherry version, or The Original Skinny if I feel I’ve over indulged a little throughout February. Or if I’m wearing a fitted outfit. We’ll see…

You can find Lambrini and all of their flavours (they do a Strawberry version which I’m yet to try) across a range of huge supermarket retailers. Asda, Sainsbury’s, ALDI, Co-op, Morrisons and Tesco all stock the drink.

You can find The Original for as little as £2, and Very Cherry for around £3.50.

Happy 25 years, Lambrini!

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