How to Upgrade Your Bedroom to a Smart Bedroom 

Watching sci-fi movies as a kid, we could only dream of a future where some of the technology we saw on the big screen would be a reality in our lives. Today, we are overwhelmed with the amount of new and emerging tech that can be used in our home, making everyday tasks easier and let’s be honest… much cooler.

To summarise all this new technology, below is our handpicked list that filters out the junk and highlights the truly revolutionary products that will convert your bedroom into a smart room. 

After all, we’re in 2020 now, and things are only going to get more tech-lead, sophisticated and advanced!

Smart Assistant

Firstly, you’ll probably want to start with a smart assistant, which will become the hub of your smart home or room. Google Home and Amazon Alexa are the 2 go-tos here. These kinds of assistants are the non-billionaire versions from futuristic SCI-FI movies, but just as impressive. You can set up morning routines like an alarm, your reminders for the day with a traffic update and weather forecast.

Alternatively you can setup bedtime routines, like dimming the lights at a certain time, playing a bedtime spotify playlist on a timer to ease you into your sleep. Which brings us to the point that these smart assistants double us a brilliant little speaker, which when paired with other smart home speakers can play music simultaneously in every room.

TV Beds

The next smart home must have in the bedroom, has got to be the bed itself. TV Beds have been growingly popular over the last few years, and they fit now more than ever into the smarthome world. Not only does a TV bed help clear the clutter and remove the awkwardly placed tv from the bedroom, packing it all away neatly into the foot of a bed.

They look great, with spaces to hide wires, tv boxes and games consoles at the side of the bed. With the push of a button you can reveal your tv as it pops up from the end of the bed, perfectly center with the bed so your viewing whilst tucked under the covers is straight ahead of you reducing neck strain 

Smart Lighting

Lighting is our next essential item for any smart bedroom. You can now buy, without spending too much money, wifi enabled bulbs. When connected to your smart hub assistant, you can use commands to dim the brightness, change colour and control the power options with the ability to set a timer.

These bulbs can be fitted to bedside lamps, mood lighting under and around furniture or on your main ceiling light. You are also able to turn these bulbs off using your smartphone if you don’t want to speak to your assistant.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs go hand in hand with everything you’ve already got in your bedroom, they are the one thing that can turn a non-smart device into a futuristic voice controlled smart object. If you have a fan on during the summer months to help you sleep, simply plug it into a smart plug and now you have a smart fan! Once enabled, you can name the device, use voice commands to control the power and set timer options to turn on and off on a schedule.

Smart Blinds

Finally the last bit of smart tech would be a smart blinds motor, this attaches on the side of your window frame and can be set to a timer or hooked up to your smart devices. Once attached to the window frame, the adjustment strings on the blinds go around the motor, allowing the device to open and close blinds at the click of a button or a simple voice command. Next time you’re watching tv and the sun is glaring on your screen, you don’t even have to get out of bed to do something about it. You can also work it into your morning routine to get the blinds to open when your alarm goes off. 

That brings us to the end of the list, these smart products will modernise your bedroom for years to come and can be integrated with little knowledge of technology. 

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