How To Produce Galvanized Metal Rolls

Galvanized rolled steel is an indispensable material in the fields of industrial and agricultural production, as well as in the construction industry. Its main advantage is that this material has exceptional quality characteristics at its affordable price.

Applying a layer of zinc to the surface of the cold-rolled metal provides a material that is resistant to negative external factors. First, zinc and its compounds with oxygen (oxide) or carbon dioxide (carbonate) protect the steel from contact with moisture and air, thus protecting it from corrosion. Secondly, even if the zinc coating is partially damaged by mechanical impact, the remaining protective layer undergoes the rusting process first, and the metal remains intact.

The use of zinc coating increases the resistance of products from galvanized coiled steel from 5 to 20 times. Due to these properties, the material is widely used in production and construction.

In particular, metal parts and assemblies, various equipment, vehicle bodies, electronic and household appliances, and various metal structures are made of it. Galvanized sheet metal rolls are used as raw materials for other building materials – corrugated metal, metal tiles, sandwich panels, welded pipes, ventilation and drainage systems.

How to make galvanized metal rolls

The production of coiled steel is carried out using rolled products. Coiled steel is a type of steel with thickness (cold-rolled/hot-rolled) from 0.2/1.2 to 4.0/10.0 mm and a width of 200 – 6000 mm. Supplied in rolls, this type of steel is easy to transport, store and cut due to its compact overall dimensions.

The following types of rolled steel are distinguished depending on the method of rolling and subsequent processing (galvanizing method): cold rolled, hot rolled, galvanized, painted galvanized (with multi-layer polymer coating – protective lacquer, steel sheet, zinc layer, passive layer, primer, polymer coating).

Polymer coatings (powders) are applied on a galvanized sheet on both sides by electrostatic spraying or roll method. Homogeneous uniform polymer coating gives steel additional protective and decorative characteristics. There are several types of polymer coatings: polyester, polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, epoxy. The service life of such steel is 50-60 years. Note that cold rolled steel is much better than hot rolled steel.

The production of galvanized metal rolls requires knowledge from service personnel. The maximum mass of a roll per 10 mm width of the tape should be 80 kg for hot-rolled steel and 100 kg for cold-rolled steel, and the total weight of the roll should not exceed 10 and 15 tons. Each roll of steel can not consist of no more than two solid pieces with a ratio of their length less than 1:5. Advantages of galvanized steel in rolls: low price, high anti-corrosion performance, the ability to withstand high temperatures and their drops, high resistance to UV rays and mechanical effects. Due to the high strength and ductility, coiled steel has found wide application in construction and engineering.

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