How To Prepare For Your Dream Wedding Day

Once the engagement is over, and you’re done uploading all the pictures of the bling on your finger on Instagram, it’s time to focus on planning your dreamy, ideal wedding.

It’s not just the guests, the entertainment and the dress to think about: it’s your beauty prep beforehand, your hair, your bridesmaids, and the most important thing – your chosen venue!

Preparing for your wedding day can be super stressful, mainly because if you do it right, you’ll only get married once (lets hope!), so you want it to be the day you have always dreamed of.

And lets not pretend ladies: most of us have dreamt of this day since we were little girls.

The venue is one of the first factors to plan. Once the venue is booked and you’ll truly happy with it, you can work around other plans to fit around this. The type of entertainment, flowers, photographer and size of the party all can be determined after you have selected a dreamy venue.

So where do you start? Firstly, have a good think about location. Do you want a local wedding, or one which requires travel?

A lot of people are flocking to beautiful country homes, similar to those you can find at Plus, companies like Bijou Wedding Venues can help advise you when it comes to further planning, and have a list of trusted partners, too.

Once the venue is ticked off, it’s time to start thinking of a number of things which you don’t always consider straight away.

Take a little look at some of the tips below about how to prepare for your special day…

1. A Daily Beauty Regime

It’s advised to get in place a daily skin care regime which should consist of exfoliating, cleansing, toning and moisturising in the morning and at night. It’s important to start doing this a good few months before your wedding day, because everyone’s skin is different and it takes its own time to adapt to your skin care regime.

It’s important to know your skin type so that you are only using products which are suitable for your skin. If you are not sure which products will be best for your skin type, pay a visit to a dermatologist to know all about your skin in detail and get the right products for yourself.

You can also add a visit to the salon once a month along with your beauty regime at home. Get yourself a clean up or face facial to keep your skin clear of impurities and improve its glow.

Do not try any new products or get any clean up or facials done a week before your wedding day because there’s a high probability of having breakouts after getting a facial. It’s best not to try anything new on your skin a week before the wedding.

2. Body Care

Now that we’ve talked about the beauty regime for your face, let’s also look at how to have a great, even toned complexion for the body as well. While the face is the most prominent and noticeable part of the body, on your wedding day your whole body should be glowing. Afterall, it’s your wedding day, you should feel good about yourself.

Try and follow your face’s skin care regime for your neck and chest as well. They are an extension of your face and should be taken care of the same way as your face.

For the rest of your body, try including dry body brushing in your shower. It will only add five more minutes to your shower time but will be extremely beneficial in brushing away dead and dry skin along with preventing the growth of ingrown hairs and it will also remove clogged toxins from your skin.

Once you’re done with the dry brushing, take a shower and then moisturise your skin. You will notice an increased improvement in the smoothness of your skin. You should start this body care regime months before your wedding to see the effect in time for your wedding.

3. Food and Drinks

What you eat and drink will also have a massive effect on your skin and body. Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Avoid greasy foods and aerated drinks. Instead, replace them with fresh juices and detoxing drinks.

Plan all your hen night ideas at least a month before the wedding so that your skin and body has enough time to get over the hangover and wash out the toxins from your system. Remember that alcohol, oily foods and sweets can cause breakouts.

So in case you have your hen party or any other events too close to the wedding day, you might just have to walk down the aisle with a zit on your forehead.


Planning your wedding is one of the most important jobs you’ll be tasked with in your life, so do spend time to research everything that needs covering to make it as stress free as possible.

Look at budget first, then dates and venues second, and then decide on the type of size/theme you would like, and start planning accordingly.

There are so many brilliant resources online these days to help guide you from start to finish!

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