When Being a Pro-Gamer Becomes an ‘Official’ Job

Just a few years ago, if you asked someone what they did for a living and were told “I’m a pro-gamer”, you would have had to ask just what on earth that was. The thought of earning a living in such an unusual way would have been a source of intrigue. But with the advent of so many different opportunities from social media, to blogging, it’s now easier and more acceptable than ever to earn your crust in an unconventional way.

With these new career choices come a different set of considerations and concerns that haven’t had the appropriate research to determine how serious they can be. However, you only need a bit of common sense to tell you that sitting in the same position concentrating on a screen for hours and hours at a time could cause physical problems.

So here we have put together a few tips for you, whether you’re a hard core games fan, making money from it yourself, or are introducing yourself to the hobby during lockdown, as the majority of the ‘job’ involves sitting down and staring at a screen! Take a look below…


It sounds ridiculous, but one of the first things we forget to do is drink enough when we are deep in concentration This leads to dehydration, which can superficially induce hunger and then there’s a whole host of other health implications from not drinking enough.

If you know you haven’t drunk enough, you could have a rehydration sachet to help replenish your lost minerals which are available from clickpharmacy.co.uk on next day delivery.

Eat a balanced diet

This may sound like an impossible feat but with all the delivery options available these days balanced meals can arrive in minutes. You need protein, complex carbs and vitamins. These will keep your body functioning as it should and will also keep your energy levels constant, so you don’t have dips in your ability to focus.


Playing late into the night might be par for the course but try to maintain some semblance of sleeping pattern and have regular breaks to recharge. It might be hard to turn off after such a serious bout of concentration and your mind may race so try to adopt some mindfulness practices to calm the noise and induce the snooze.

Move it

A sedentary lifestyle not only means you are prone to weight gain but sitting in a hunched position for extended periods can have a greater effect. Your lungs will be compressed which means your breathing won’t be as effective and you’ll take in less oxygen hindering cell function. You’ll also constrict your digestive system from working properly and it’ll all become sluggish. Take breaks to move about and ensure you stretch too to stop your muscles from seizing up.

Screen time

Staring at a huge bright screen in a dark room can cause problems with your eyes, not to mention the sheer longevity of staring at a screen in the first place. Make sure you focus on something in the distance, put the lights on and look at daylight sometimes too.

If you’re lucky enough to have a career you enjoy, that’s fantastic. But don’t neglect your health as in the long run, this will cause you many issues. There’s plenty of advice and help out there to ensure you stay in a good way so use it!

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