How a Well Thought Out Home Can Improve Well-Being

It’s common to walk into someone elses abode and be overwhelmed with a feeling. It’s those homes where I feel calm, relaxed and inspired the minute I walk through them that really appeal to me the most.

Sometimes I can’t quite pinpoint what it is that makes the interior so charming, but it is usually something about the order of the house, combined with the decor and they layout which promotes harmony.

Everyone is aware that the wellness trend is huge right now. While there is a huge emphasis on pushing an improved well-being throughout workplaces, it’s just as important to have well-being at home, too.

I’ve been working on my diet lately, in a bid to see which foods improve my mood and make me feel better. But home interiors isn’t an area I’ve worked on yet/ With this in mind, I’ve been researching how to get my home in order, bringing that calming presence to the forefront.

After all, my home is where I spend a lot of my time – especially a I work from home 3 days a week, which can play a huge effect on my mental health.

Introduce tidy spaces

Marie Kondo isn’t popular for nothing! The art of not holding onto things that don’t bring much pleasure to everyday life is something I’ve really started to follow up. I want my home to be practical and realistic, without hoarding things that only cause me stress.

Plus, walking into a room that is ‘too busy’ can only contribute to an over-active mind.

I’m starting by having a number of huge ebay sales, followed by a trip to the charity shop for all my old clothes and unworn items I’ve fallen out of love with. I want to open my wardrobe doors and see order and tidiness. Rows of carefully aligned shoes, and boxes or organised accessories.

Bring zen into your bathroom

Going into your bathroom should be an enjoyable moment, as should taking a bath or shower. To me, I see the bathroom as a space to wash the day away, relax and gather thoughts, or be encouraged to start a new day positivly.

I’m hardly going to feel like that if I don’t love the room to begin with.

It’s wise to have quality bathroom fittings which look clean and minimal, and also provide a purpose.

For me, the towel rail is the first thing that needs replacing. I want to have a smart, stylish towel rail that is placed on my bathroom wall and can hold a sufficient number of towels (mainly a nice fluffy bath towel, a hair towel, and a little face cloth for when I cleanse). I’ve been getting some radiator inspiration from Trade Radiators, as they have some fabulous designs which not only act as warming heaters in the winter, but double up as a fashionable place to store my towels.

I’m also going to attempt at creating my own ‘sort of’ spa in my bathroom. By adding in a couple of plants, some fresh scented candles and an array of fluffy towels, I might start to actually look forward to spending my time there!

Bring in a cosy vibe

You’re never going to feel at home, all calm and relaxed if you’re always cold. I’m one of those people who instantly feels the cold, and more than appreciate a good heating system.

The point above about the heated towel rail got my thinking about the rest of the radiators in my home. Sure, they seems to be working OK, but I remember last Winter the one in the living room never got quite as hot as the others. I’m going to look at upgrading the ones that aren’t in the best working order before Winter 2019 arrives, as there is nothing worse for me mentally than shivering in my own home.

If you’re in a similar position as me, it might be worth looking at the really exciting competition that Trade Radiators are running at the moment too. You can win £250 cash prize by entering! Check it out here, i’ll certainly be trying my luck.

It’s nice to bring in a few cosy, snuggly blankets and throws to drape around the lounge and bedroom too. They kind of give the room a more comfortable look, making it appealing to snuggle down and enjoy a book or a film.

Choose calming scents

It’s amazing how important our smell is for how our mind works. You will be able to smell a light scented candle or diffusers the minute you enter a room, and the scent can hugely determine your mood.

Even the look of a flickering flame can alert your body to take some time out, and start to relax. Some of the most recommended scents include lavender, tea tree, peppermint and eucalyptus, but I personally adore vanilla scents. and tea tree which are brilliant for calming the mind.

Embrace open space

Any types of cluttered rooms can give the feeling of being closed in, which again can reflect on how the mind works. However, those rooms in the home which are styled to an open plan and benefit from lots of free-flowing space and light work absolute wonders. I always find I can focus better and feel less stressed when I’m in open, spacious rooms.

The above are a number of interior tips I’m looking at following to try and bring an element of self-care into my home interior. If you work on making your home a peaceful place that reflects order, tidy themes and tranquillity, it’s bound to rub off on how you feel!

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