Fashion: Why Premium Sunglasses Are Worth It

You’ll find from reading my fashion posts on What Emma Did, that I’m pretty much a High Street girl with a huge desire for luxury, designer fashion. What that means is that although I appreciate the quality and sophistication of premium designerwear and exclusive brands, it’s much more obtainable for me to update my wardrobe with High Street brands. ASOS, H&M, Zara and Urban Outfitters are some of my favourites, but if I could, I’d pull out a Chloe dress or a pair of YSL heels for those killer events.

I’ve always been that girl who would treat myself to some £6.99 pair of shades from H&M just before going on holiday. But with that, I have a £6.99 attitude too. I don’t care if I throw my new aviators into my beach bag. I don’t care if I can’t put my hands on them one day. And when they are lost – whats the big deal? I can even stop off at Primark and get a replica pair for a whopping £2.99!

However, this year has seen a different side of me. I recently got my hands on my first pair of Ray-Bans back in May (take a read over here), and I realised a whole new attitude was formed. I started to actually care for and nurture these shades, because they were high quality. I started to clean them with the little cloth, make sure they are wrapped up in their case safely in my bag, and when I can’t find them, it’s my number one mission to uncover them.

So now its safe to say I’m on my second pair!

My second pair of Ray-Ban shades are from Sunglasses Hut, from the back of hearing about their latest fun campaign centered around expressing #ShadesOfYou. Sunglasses Hut are really big on selecting a style which represent your personality and vibe, so I decided to bear this in mind when choosing my newest pair.

I opted for what I call this stunning pair of Square Wrap Sunglasses from Ray-Ban, which have a dainty gold outline and circular lenses. They sit perfectly on my nose, and I’d say they are quite a unique shape in terms of what I usually go for. But I absolutely adore them! I feel like they really empower me and as daft as it sounds, actually enhance my face shape and appearance a little. Funny, but true….

I recently took them away with me to my recent camping and climbing trip to the Welsh Mountains, where you can see them coming in handy mid climb, and also when back at the campsite having a celebratory glass of wine out of a Lord of the Rings glass!

Have you ever indulged in the world of premium sunglasses? Or are you very much like I used to be – a firm fan of H&M and Primark? Do feel free to leave a comment!

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