Fashion: What to Wear For a Morning Workout

If you’re planning on spending a morning running and jogging around town (or heading for an early morning gym session), then your outfit is likely to come into consideration.

From dressing for the weather to making room for your smartphone, I wanted to round up all of the practical tips and tricks you’ll need to know for a successful morning of exercise. After all, you can be both sweaty and stylish!

Dress for the weather

The chances are that you already have a running outfit that you wear every day, but dressing for the weather is a key factor. On warm summer’s days, for example, you could don a pair of Dickies shorts and a sports vest, while on colder mornings, you could opt for a comfy hoodie and some insulated jogging bottoms.

I find that for those early mornings when my alarm goes off at 5 am and I want to plan in a gym session, pulling on some attractive gym wear makes me feel so much more motivated. I try to wear a fitted, fashionable work out top underneath my hoodie so I can remove outerwear when I start to work up a sweat!

Splash out on supportive trainers

Footwear is the single most important part of any runner’s outfit, so it’s essential that you invest in a pair of quality, supportive trainers or running shoes. T3 has put together a guide on how to find the right running shoes; their tips include getting your gait tested, thinking about the terrain you’re likely to be running on and popping into your local footwear store instead of buying online. Honestly, if you are serious about working out, it’s something important to consider.

I tend to switch up my footwear depending on my activity. I wear my USA Pro trainers for weights, yoga or gym machine style work outs (leg press, tricep and bicep apparatus) but for the days when I hit the treadmill or the pavement, I’ll dig out my professional Nike running trainers instead.


Just because you’re going for a run, it doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable and well put together. There are some really nice workout accessories which add that touch of ‘cool’ to an outfit, such as sweatbands, which are functional as well as fashionable. Some girls look into leg warmers, or even mix and match outfits with contrasting colours and styles to give your figure some shape.

For me, I just prefer to be quite simple with either a zip up exercise top or hoodie, and a nice matching workout set underneath, such as my Pink Soda sers. I love a good branded crop top for those days when I’m really working hard and get super hot!

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to accessorising – just make sure anything you add to your outfit will remain in place and be comfortable when you’re hitting the tarmac.

Make room for your smartphone

If you find it impossible to go for a jog without listening to some music or catching up on your favourite podcast, then you need to make sure that you make room for your phone. Women’s Running has put together a list of places you should never put your phone while running – in your bra, down your pants, in your hand and in your shoe are just some of the no-go areas. Make sure you invest in an outfit that has room for your phone or invest in a smartphone armband that will give you added protection.

I use my iPhone as my music system, but I really need to invest in a better way to carry it around with me! 

Be adaptable

There’s nothing worse than spotting a new outfit in a shop window or craving a coffee and realising that you’re wearing an embarrassing outfit that just won’t work indoors. Consider making your running outfit adaptable by bringing along a stylish hoodie you can throw over the top, which can be zipped up to give you a chance to pop to the nearest Starbucks when coffee is needed!

I hope these tips give you some inspiration when it comes to kitting yourself out for a bit of exercising…


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  1. March 31, 2017 / 5:46 am

    Amazing post. The more I like my outfit, the more energized I am to put it on! Likewise, I generally have a fabulous playlist. For me, music directs the way and the power in which I move.

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