Fashion: Trying Things You Don’t Usually Do

Who is that girl in the photo above?! Yes, that’s me, rocking a rather slinky black evening dress, and the most dramatic makeup look. Some could possibly say un-recognisable – I mean, I never wear my hair up, and when I do, I choose to never scrape it all up in the highest ponytail.

I recently had a makeover and photoshoot for my boutique at Ivy Rose Studios in Chorlton, Manchester, in which I opted for a very different look. The girls at the studio jazzed up the way I usually shoot my boutique dresses, giving it a more high-end, editorial feel. I may look completely different, but I rather liked the difference, all in aid of photography!

I got these shots back a few weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to share them on the blog, for two main reasons. The first: to showcase the black slinky maxi dress that’s available at my boutique. And the second: To share with you a dramatic new experimental look! Its very rare I ever go out of my comfort zone, but when I did, I actually enjoyed it.

A lot of people worry about transforming their look, living in fear of looking stupid or feeling ‘not themselves’. But I’m learning that a change every now and again is more than good for the soul, and strangely for the confidence too!

It can be done by simply throwing on a daring outfit that doesn’t usually sit with your everyday style, or trying a new makeup trend or hairstyle/colour. Or, you could go more dramatic, like venturing on a health kick if you need, or a weight loss programme to improve your confidence (this guide from can give you more info).

This week, I also went out and did something that I’d class as being way out of my comfort zone: I made my first vlog. Yes, I actually sat infront of a camera and filmed my own YouTube video, real vlogger style! I was un-boxing the lookfantastic beauty box for the June month, sharing what was in the box and talking about each product.

I’ve been avoiding YouTube and filming videos like the plague since I started blogging back in 2010. There’s just something about myself sat in front of a camera, speaking about whatever I have in mind, that I always thought would be of no interest to my followers. But, I’m fully aware I’m falling so far behind with the modern ‘influencer’ world, that I finally took the plunge!

The video isn’t live yet but should be by the weekend, so I’ll be sharing it on here along with my YouTube channel for you all to check out…

So now I’m on a roll! I’ve been concentrating on looking for clothes, makeup, shoes and accessories that all usually sit ‘outside of my comfort zone’. For the month of June, its all about me trying something that little bit different. I have a wishlist as long as my arm from Daniel Footwear at the moment, spanning everything from shoes, bags and holiday clothes for a totally new look.

Lets see how long I can keep this little change going!

Here’s some of my current favourites from Daniel Footwear. which are items I’d not usually opt for. You’ll possibly note that they sit under the Michael Kors brand, because I’m actually trying to invest in some more luxury, timeless pieces. Classic items, but also ones that reflect high fashion trends and scream ‘premium’.

The Mercer Leather Satchel bag below is my absolute fave – how fantastic would this be as a key Summer bag?

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