Fashion: The Sunglasses Taking Me Through Summer

Today’s post is all about the accessory I cant be without this Summer, and that’s sunglasses. Throughout the Summer months, I’ve been noticing I’ve experienced a lot of pigmentation from the sun, which is finally showing through after many years exposing myself to the sun. Freckles, brown spots, hyper-pigmentation… the dreaded tell-tale marks have began to show.

And with turning 31 (I know, I know…) this is the first Summer I’ve also spotted another tell-tale sign of spending too much time outdoors in the sun, squinting away. Yep, those pesky crows feet. Those small, squinty little lines at present at the corners of my eyes, so all-in-all, I made a conscious decision to hide my face as much as possible this Summer.

My secret has been been to experiment with stylish sunglasses to hide my face. Large, over-sized styles to cover the tops of my cheeks, and conceal those crows feet and fine eye lines. I first got into looking at designer sunglasses from a website focusing on wholesale designer sunglasses, who introduced me to some stunning pairs which look premium and luxury.

So now, I have two key styles I have literally lived in this Summer, which are the pair from the top photos, and the pair from the below. Honestly, if you find a pair which suits your face shape, look fashionable and feel comfortable, you literally don’t have to worry about half of your face! No eye make-up, hidden brows… and best of all… under eye circles can be vanished!

So that’s today’s post, sharing a little gallery showcasing my face framers!




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  1. August 13, 2017 / 12:28 am

    I can’t live without my Rayban Aviators. They just go with anything and are perfect for the beach!

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