Fashion: The Best Place to Buy Designer Sunglasses

As much as I love designer accessories, they are a rare treat for me. My prized possessions include a Karl Lagerfeld tote bag, and a pair of Gucci sunglasses – both extremely precious yet worth every penny.

I have this theory that its OK to indulge in high quality, designer accessories if you re going to treat them that way. For example, I don’t take my designer bag everywhere with me. Mainly to evening occasions, those important work meetings, days out to somewhere nice, or when I want to feel a little special. And the same with anything else classed as designer. They should be looked after and compliment the occasion, in my opinion anyway.

My latest designer love is my new Gucci sunglasses, which come in an over-sized style, and sit between a cat-eye and square shape. These are now my new found favourites which come out on my holidays, or for little weekend away breaks when we have a little bit of sunshine. I’ll be keeping my spare pairs in my car for everyday driving, as these are just too special to chance ruining!

What I always find with investing in a pair of designer sunglasses is that they fit the face and frame it so much better than cheaply made shades. You can tell the difference with the quality straight away, and you won’t find them breaking or twisting in shape easily.

So I often get asked where I go to purchase designer sunglasses to ensure I get them at the best price. I actually shop on Smart Buy Glasses, an online retailer which retails the most extensive range possible. They retail internationally and have been specialising in designer glasses and sunglasses for 10 years, so they keep ahead of the game.

From Versace to Polo, Ray-Ban to Chloe, every designer brand worthy of wearing is on there. And when I browse, I always do a comparison and its super hard to find them more affordable elsewhere.

Some people like to shop their sunglasses via an actual shop, so they can try them on and see them for real first. This totally makes sense, but I tend to have a shop around in the stores first, see what style and brand I like, and then go and hunt them down on Smart Buy Glasses. Or, I find the pair I like online, and Google the style so I can see it photographed via different sites, models and angles.

I’ve just come back from a hen weekend to Benalmadina in Spain, and it was the first trip out for my new Gucci GG 3784/S shades. They allow me to look stylish even when I’m hungover and have tired eyes, yet don’t completely take over my face.

The only problem I have is that there is often a little bit too much choice on this website… scrolling through can take me an age to decide on my ideal pair!

If you’re looking for some serious sunglasses inspiration to determine which shape suits your face, or just to take a look at some of the most popular styles (because let’s face it, fashion repeats itself!) you may love this infographic I stumbled across.

It’s been put together by Focus Clinic, and shows you some of the coolest shade styles worn by some of our favourite icons!

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