Fashion: The Beach Cover-up Dress

Last month, I discovered a new photography studio in Manchester called Ivy Rose. With needing outfit shots for my blog, and also regularly booking in with photographers to shoot my latest dresses for my clothing boutique, I’m always keeping an eye out for new studios or recommended ones.

This one in particular caught my attention for a number of reasons. One, it’s based in Chorlton, a town in South Manchester known for its quirky, independent art businesses. Two, it’s ran completely by a team of professional females, from the makeup and photography, to editing and sales. And three, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the three girls running Ivy Rose previously over the years, all being lovely, friendly and highly skilled.

Although they specialise in vintage, pin-up style photography shoots, along with couples, children and boudoir, they also carry out fashion photography, including ones I can use for both my outfit shots and for my shop. Taking the hard work away from you, they carry out a full makeup and hair look for you before the shoot, and discuss a range of different backdrops and lighting settings so you get the most out of your photoshoot.

One of the items I really needed to get photographed was this light bikini cover-up dress which I’m going to be selling at my What Emma Did Boutique. I wanted it shot in a light, fresh yet modern looking backdrop, a bit of bare feet showing and lightly disheveled hair.

After undergoing a natural yet flawless makeover, I had these super lovely photographs done!

The team at Ivy Rose are super fun and friendly as I mentioned earlier, making you feel relaxed and in good hands from the moment you arrive. I have a lot of photography sessions done due to the nature of my job, but it can be scary and make you feel a little anxious when its not something you often do.

The girls just make the whole experience from start to finish really exciting!

Photography shoots also make really nice gifts for family and friends, therefore a day at the Ivy Rose studios is also a lovely gift idea. I’d love to go back and book my two year old niece in for an auntie-niece photoshoot!

For the time being, I’ve got lots more Summer themed outfits I’ll be uploading to my boutique. But for now, here’s this gorgeous rose detail dress…

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