Fashion: Stelly, Tigermist and Hunted Dreams

For those who read my posts quite regularly here on the blog (although the posts haven’t been coming so regularly as of late – apologies!) you will know that I’m an avid fan of online retailers. The more girly, pretty and good value the retailer, the better – I love nothing more than stumbling across online boutiques who specialise in cute dresses and on-trend collections. So obviously, coming to Australia as a complete alien to the place meant I had to scope out a few fashion favorites for myself. Google usually always has the answer, but when it comes to shopping and the world of online style shops, Google doesn’t always know best!

So who does then? Well, no other than Instagram! During the run up to arriving in Australia, I spent hours browsing through who Australian Instyle, Vogue, Elle and Famous magazine follow on the photo sharing website. Which lead me to follow lots of aussie fashion sites on my own instagram… and now I have whittled down a few fave’s! So if your an Alien like me, arriving in a new country and don’t know all the ‘local’ online shopping secrets, then I’d like to recommend some of my findings!


The original one I have followed for the longest amount of time. I can’t find anything negative about Stelly, which is rare for a blogger – it is almost as if the brand was designed for me. Shift dresses, playsuits, shorts, T-Shirt dresses, florals, stripes… I don’t know where to begin. If I was a fashion buyer, this would be my collections. The whole entire website is my ideal wardrobe. Best bit? It’s affordable! Gorgeous dresses for both summer days and evening parties for $35 – so that’s like £23-ish (Maths and currency conversions aren’t my forte but it’s a rough approximate). Take a look…


I would say Tigermist looks a little bit ‘newer’ in terms of a smaller brand, smaller company kind of look. Prices are higher than that of Stelly, however the clothes are more dressier and suitable for evening. Still a great affordable online boutique, with lots of simple style of dresses in an array of prints, colours and finishes. If you love your dresses, you’ll love Tigermist!


tigermist a
tigermist b

Hunted Dreams  is another sweet little site showcasing a mixture of printed shorts, fitted camis, cute dresses and tunics. Great prices, and a really easy-to-shop site that gives so much choice for fast fashion. If your after having a wardrobe full of different varieties of shorts to team up with coloured crop tops, or a range of staple dresses to keep as all time favorites, then you’ll no doubt find what your looking for on here…

hunted dreams
hunted dreams a

So I haven’t purchased anything from either website yet – I just spend hours admiring the Instagram pages for all of these retailers, drooling over the new in products and gorgeous Summer clothes. So I can’t comment on quality of the items or value for money at this stage. However, I have a wish list as long as my arm for Stelly at the moment, so when payday comes at the end of the month, I’ll be putting in  a rather large order! So no doubt I’ll be reporting.

Hope you enjoyed this Australian fashion themed post, much more to come for the rest of this year!

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