Fashion: Oasis and Denim Surprises

I love a good promotion in my hometown of Manchester, and of course when it’s a fashionable one I love it even more! So I wanted to share this exciting denim competition that Oasis stores are running amongst students in Manchester, it’s brilliant for students and especially if your a denim obsessive one too!

Posters have been distributed throughout the student areas of Manchester, advertising ‘Hunt For The Denim Dog’. The journey for this competition will be the following…

1. Students must scan a QR Code or enter a unique URL which can be found on the denim dog posters
2. You will then be taken to a landing page, asking for you to ‘sign up’ and submit your details.
3. A page will then pop up informing you that you will receive your special reward shortly.
4. A voucher will then enter your inbox. This is to be printed and brought into Oasis stores, or shown on phone screens to members of staff instore.
5. The member of staff will tell you your prize!

The prizes depend on what type of denim dog you discover on the posters, and are al surprises so I can’t tell you what they are!

So what are you waiting for? I’d be hunting down the Betty Bulldog posters sharp-ish if I were you! Good luck and happy Oasis shopping!

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