Fashion: My Outdoor Clothing Favourites

I’ve finally been able to take advantage of some warmer weather this weekend, which has prompted me to do one thing: bring out my outdoor wear!

I decided to spend this weekend getting back outside to the great outdoors, heading to Hawkstone Follies as one of the main places. It’s a beautiful, historic woodland fantasy place, great for walks, treks and strolls – whichever you fancy. It’s filled with cliffs, crags, caves, deep woods and monuments, with lots of stunning viewpoints over looking the midlands, shropshire, and even far into Wales.

So, the first item I’ve pulled out for my outdoors weekend is this super stylish backpack from Knomo, called The Berlin.

It’s a simple, slimline backpack with a generous amount of space, made out of ultra lightweight polyester for an edgier look and feel. When it comes to outdoor clothing and accessories, I try to keep it looking fashionable and as modern/chic as I can.

There’s nothing wrong with the traditional walking, climbing, trekking gear, but for my walks, I do try and incorporate as much style as possible. This Knomo bag is definitely the first step for transforming my walker self from a dowdy outdoors dresser, to a super cool one!

It’s for people like me who want a simple and functional, yet stylish backpack, that’s spacious without looking bulky. Here’s some other reasons why I love it and can actually get a fair bit of multi-use out of it:

  • It has a padded laptop section. A 15-inch laptop can fit into this, which is fantastic for me as I’m always carrying two laptops around! (yes not one, but two, don’t ask!)
  • It has internal mesh pockets. designed for extra organisation within the bag
  • It incorporates full-grain leather touch points, because leather is just so much more attractive on backpacks!
  • It features splash-resistant material, ideal for any unpredictable commutes or adventures.

I love wearing black, I really don’t think you can find another classic outerwear colour, and for me it’s the classiest shade for those bulkier accessories!

If you haven’t heard of Knomo before, they are an online retailer specialising in perfect luggage designed for the travellers, adventurers and just down-right bag enthusiasts! They have some super lovely styles which all have extra elements included, like safety, where to store devices, comfort, yet keeping fashion at the forefront.

So, whilst I’m on the topic of walking, I discovered a new place to adventure out to and go for long walks, as mentioned above. Hawkstone Follies is literally one of the most beautiful walking destinations I’ve visited this year alone – full of breath-takingly beautiful lilac flowers and the most magnificent trees.

I’m no nature buff and would never call myself a horticultural expert, but I did spy a number of rare monkey trees (those where the branches resemble monkey tails) and red bark trees, which caught my attention.

We followed the map and ventured around the entire area, in which the walk itself takes around 3 hours. From walking through narrow caves and balancing on bridges, to strolling through woodland forests and admiring the iconic history, it was such a fun Sunday day out!

The photos below give a snapshot of our day. If you’re not too far away from the Shropshire/West Midlands area, it’s so worth a visit. From Manchester, you’re looking at a 1 hour 30 – 2 hour drive, but there’s a tea room too so you really can make the whole day of it!

The main brands we’re wearing in the photos include Men’s MyProtein clothing (slim fit joggers and t-shirt), Nike Trainers (Nike Flex 6) and Pink Soda Sport leggings. I Can’t remember the brand name for my pink waterproof coat, but I’ll go and check and update this post!

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