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There is one particular question that I get asked a lot in comments on every form of social media, and in ‘real life’ from my friends and family: how exactly I fit all of the clothes I have into my wardrobes?!

Lets face it, I have one hell of a lot of clothes. And every season, I seem to buy more and more, adding lots more items to my already out-of-control collection.

It’s a very good question, I’d want to know the same about someone else if I was always seeing them sporting new outfits. Well, it’s not an easy one, that’s for sure. I currently live with my boyfriend, and we only have one set of fitted wardrobes in the house, so fitting the number of new clothes I buy per season into my tiny closets is always a bit of a drama. In fact, it can dampen the feeling of owning new clothes!

Too many times this year already I’ve found myself throwing a strop, trying to cram just one more coat inside my tiny wardrobes and or creasing things to hell by stuffing them into overflowing drawers.

For the Summer months (always a good time to make a fresh start), I’ve recently started to make a number of changes. I can no longer be a hoarder with clothing I ‘save for a rainy day’. And frankly, my bank balance can not manage to keep up with my love of gorgeous dresses, unless I make some clever changes along the way.

So today’s post is all about those wardrobe hacks and wardrobe detoxing, covering the best ways to save money on new purchases, where you should be looking for a bargain and ways to save your bank balance as well as your wardrobe. So lets explore!…

1. Buy An Item, Sell An Item

You know it, that whole one in one out policy has a whole new meaning! There was a time when I would think nothing of it, buying a new High Street handbag or jacket, and just chucking away a Primark or H&M version I’d owned for a number of months/years.

But now, my wardrobe is a little more precious. I tend to invest in more timeless, luxury pieces, which may have cost me a little more than the fast-fashion items I once always owned from Primark. So I can’t just chuck out like I used to.

However, there is an answer to this, and it may take you a while to brave doing it if you’re a bit of a hoarder, but once you do, you’ll never look back. I have recently started selling my unwanted items weekly on eBay and Depop, especially when I come home with new items and I start stuffing them into my wardrobe.

I glance at some old items, and realise there are some that may not have been worn very often and are in great condition, but realistically, when will I wear it again? These online selling services are just so easy and hassle free to use. I just snap a photo of them on my iPhone and list them via both the apps. I even share the links on my Twitter accounts, too, as I have a lot of fashion bloggers on my followers list who love a good bargain.

For me, I find selling any good quality items via eBay or Depop that I no longer wear or want to keep is the best way to buy something new. I can also use the money I make from selling it to buy new items – winner!

2. Be Charitable

Something I found out more so when I moved out of my house to live with my boyfriend is that it truly pays to send your clothes to charity. I always feel amazing after I send a couple of bags of products to a local charity shops – just knowing that my old items can be used to raise some money. Plus, there are that many charity shops around now, you can even pick and chose a cause that means something to you, whilst clearing out those closets!

I usually work with Cancer charities, but there are a few others I’ve worked with too, like the British Heart Foundation, who are able to book a collection van to pick up your items every few weeks. Just have a peek on their websites for the ways you can donate to them.

It’s just so handy to have someone come over, collect your bags of sell-able items (make sure they are in a resell-able condition) and take them away for you. There’s nothing worse than throwing away items which could have more use, and it’s just a better way of making space in those wardrobes by sending them to a charity shop you wish to support, rather than resorting to the rubbish bin straight away.

3. Do Up Your Items

I’m so guilty of throwing away items of clothing because the hem has come apart, the waist has gotten too tight, or there are little holes popping up in my clothing. But lately, I’m stopping in my tracks and thinking that before I throw away decent items and have to buy new ones – can these items be rescued?

90% of the time, yes they can! You just have to know how. I recently noticed a lot of my fitted t-shirts started to get little holes in them towards the bottom, mainly from the buttons on my jeans digging in and over time, causing little holes. But have you ever heard of Hole Button Cover? I tell you, it’s like a magical fix! I have saved so many fitted tops lately from discovering it.

In a nutshell, there is a clever little button cover called Holé, which is made from soft silicone and easily covers your jeans button to prevent these tiny holes from appearing in your favourite tops. Holé acts as a cushion to prevent your jeans button from rubbing holes in your tops, and you can buy them here.

I’m also extremely lucky that my Mum is really good with a needle and a thread, in which she has recently cut the elastic of a pair of PJ bottoms that were too tight on my waist, and made them slacker for me. When there is a will, there’s a way…

4. Try On And Return

It’ no secret that I am a self confessed online shopping addict. ASOS, Miss Pap, Missguided, PLT, Boohoo… I browse them daily, and ever since I was about 18, I’d be buying online purchases weekly. DANGEROUS!

But, before you think I must have a bottomless bank account, which I definitely do not own, the best thing about online shopping and ASOS in particular is that they have a free returns policy. This means that you can buy as much and as many sizes as you like, try everything on at home, and then send it back if it doesn’t suit.

It also means you can try on items with other pieces in your wardrobe to see if they make good outfits, but really to see  to see if you actually need it and again, send back the items you really do not need. Sometimes, I’ll shop a rather large haul on ASOS and just which ones fit the best, and I also photograph and try them on if I want to share the items with my readers of social media follower. But if it doesn’t look quite right on me, it goes back.

Just be sure to keep up with your returns, as you don’t want to let the 28 days returns period go by and then be left with a bag of clothing you cannot wear!

Do you have any wardrobe detoxing hacks you want to share, or do you do some of the ones I listed above? Let me know on social media! You’ll find me here on Instagram, and here on Twitter

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  1. May 12, 2018 / 12:07 pm

    Fabulous tips. I too have wardrobes bulging at the seams and recently did a ‘hand me down special’ for my younger cousins, letting them take their pick from clothes I haven’t worn for a year. Still, SO hard to do!

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