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Just a little post today to share some of my favourite jewellery styles, as I’ve just started to experiment with one of the trends out there everyone seems to be loving: chokers. I have to admit, I’m late to the choker party because I actually don’t think they suit me. They kinda make my neck look shorter, which is a bad thing for me. But I guess if you have a long neck you want to visually shorten, then hey its a good thing!

That being said, I’m been trying out the trend and have been seeing how I can work it to suit me. I found this floral black choker in a multi-pack from Next – there were 5 on a carded pack, all coming in different styles, but mainly black and gold designs. See I rarely wear gold – I’m a silver girl – so this little trend has been a new one for me.

If you’re looking at trying out the choker trend yourself, I’d recommend getting a super affordable pack of 4/5 from somewhere like Next.

My usual style is very simple and classic, consisting only of silver and crystal. I recently treated myself to the prettiest silver crystal ring, which is to sit on my middle finger of my left hand. I used to wear a large crystal ring on this finger for around 10 years, until I lost it faffing around at Manchester Airport security last year. My hands never quite felt the same!

So I finally got round to replacing it, by opting for a slightly more unusual crystal ring, which bends to the size of my finger, and meets in the middle with two sparkling crystals. When – or if – I ever get an engagement ring, it would obviously sit on my finger next to this ring, which would mean too much sparkle and bling so close together. I’ve always said I want a gorgeous single diamond ring, like these beauties from F.Hinds. But we’ll see hey, for now, I’ll stick to having this pretty little crystal piece on my middle finger!

On my other hand, I keep it safe and simple too, with two classic silver bands. Fuss-free, but to me, simply beautiful! What’s your jewellery style? Are you a silver, gold or rose gold girl, and do you keep it simple or do you tend to go a little more extravagant?

For my recent holiday coming up, I’m looking for some earrings which are a little more ‘wow’ than my usual classic silver studs or small crystals. I’ve decided to opt for three pairs of silver drop earrings instead, so that when I put my hair behind my ears or wear it up, they actually dress up my look.

But because they are quite plain, with a simple drop feature and either a sleek panel design, or a little heart/cross style, they still work with my understated jewellery look. The three styles below which I’m getting in time for my Spanish holiday at the weekend are all from We Do Bijoux. They range from £12- £30, all consisting of sterling silver and intricate detailing. I personally love earrings like this to dress up a laid back look…

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