Fashion: Introducing colour to your wardrobe with AW 17/18 trends

If you go back many many years, you’ll notice everyone wore clothes in shades of brown, or off-black, No colour, no patterns, no prints. But nowadays colour and pattern is dominating the fashion trends and retailers, be it premium retailers and designers, or popular High Street chains.

First of all, I’ll just put it out there: give me all the black, white, grey and navy you can, and I’m happy. Flick through my wardrobe, and you’re taken on a somber adventure through the clean, crisp, modern shades of style, with minimal print. So, how does someone like me bring colour and excitement to my wardrobe now its A/W’17?

Many of us associate ‘colours’ as yellow, lime and pink with summer and beach holidays, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve been taking on a bit of a task to inject some other shades into my winter wardrobe, without going all crazy and bold.


There are many ways to incorporate a splash of colour into your wardrobe. For example, if you’re less confident with vibrant colours, consider colourful stitching and accessorising and if you’re feeling brave, go all out with a statement block colour jumper, like coral.

For me, I’m feeling quite confident this Christmas, and have invested in a deep purple sequin party dress to see me through some Winter evening events. Because it is sequin embellished, you’ll get the multiple colourway effect, so all the shades of purple, pink and black shine through.

Who said I couldn’t do colour?

Together with Trilogy Stores, stockists of premium designer clothing and denim, I’ve shared some tips for what’s hot this AW 17/18 and how to use it to add colour to your wardrobe over the colder months.

The ‘it’ colours this season

There was a wide range of colours and patterns on the AW 17/18 catwalk but some colours were slightly more prominent than others.

Blue, for example, was a popular choice for designers such as Celine, Fendi and Bottega Veneta who incorporated a shade of blue into their clothing. Red was also a big colour on the catwalk — it became less sexualised and more wearable according to fashion experts, as Prada and Fendi included the colour in many of their outfits. Shine, shimmer and ‘space-age’ fabrics and patent leather were also used widespread across fashion designers, such as Miu Miu.

If you can’t handle those bold colours, introduce colour slowly. Bring fresh shades of peach and baby blue into your styling first, and then see if you can go a ltitle depper…

Subtle additions

Some women are more confident wearing darker colours. Black especially is a safe, go-to option for many due to its simplistic yet classy appearance. However, as well as looking brighter and more vibrant to others, research has shown that wearing colour can make you happier too! There are some subtler changes that you can make to your wardrobe to incorporate a dash of colour.

Make-up and nail polishes are a good way to add some colour to any outfit without it being overpowering. A red lip is an effective look, or practise a smoky eye effect with colours other than blacks and greys.

If you wear a watch, think about buying yourself some new luxury watch straps, like a brightly coloured watch strap from Paul Twice. A watch is an accessory which can be worn with all your outfits, therefore making it a good investment for your wardrobe. It’s a small accessory, therefore one which can bring in a subtle touch of colour.

It may seem obvious but accessorising with colour isn’t something that many people think to do. Your accessories don’t have to co-ordinate fully with your outfit but brightly coloured earrings or a chunky bracelet can add a pop of colour to day or night wear.

I toned down opting for bright, bold red on a recent day at work for a more muted, deep burgundy red, and it worked really well. Very Christmassy and autumnal too!

Coloured stitching is another subtle addition that you can make to enhance a bland wardrobe. There are many garments available online and on the high-street that you can choose from. Some tops and jumpers have coloured necklines and cuffs that have been stitched with a brighter colour, for example.

Or, if you’re still too afraid, experiment with your two favourite ‘plainer’ colours – like I mentioned white and grey earlier – but team them up together so you create a blast of colour…

Bolder moves

For those feeling daring, incorporate blocks of colour to your wardrobe to revivify any outfit!

Brightly coloured jumpers are one way to do this in the colder months. Jumper 1234, offer a collection of colourful cashmere jumpers that are perfect for trends of AW 17/18. Teamed with a pair of dark denim jeans and knee-high boots you’ll be feeling cosy and fashionable! I played around with purple again below, in the form of a roll neck poncho style jumper…

Consider a statement pair of patent coloured boots too. Boots that are a deep red or purple can be worn with black tights and dresses for evening wear and a pair of jeans for a day time look. Buy a matching bag to complete the look.

Coloured denim is also a good investment to make, collect different colours over time such as aubergine, teal and dark reds to complete your wardrobe. Pair them with a jumper or tailored jacket for autumn and winter time, and a casual t-shirt in the summer.


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