Fashion: I’m a 70’s Fashion Girl at Heart

Who knew? If I could go back to any era, it would be a mix of the 60’s and the 70’s. I randomly thought about this when recently looking through some outfit shots I had taken in the comfort of my own bedroom. You know the types – those trusty ‘Mirror Selfies’ when you get a new item of clothing? Yep, those…

From having a quick look through the other day I suddenly realised that more than anything, I am absolutely GUTTED I wasn’t around for the stylish sixties and seventies. I mean, I have to say, Twiggy back in the day with her shift dresses, ribbed sweaters, drop earrings and huge false lashes – what an icon.

I could wear those styles all day everyday if I could. But then I also noticed that I actually ‘swing’ to the 70’s in some of my everyday looks too…

Kimono’s with prominent baggy sleeves and sticky-out silhouettes, shiny black tight trousers, polka dots, leather, and flares. I either opt for pairs of fitted, skin-tight skinny trousers on a day-to-day basis, or I’ll go to the other end of the fashion spectrum, and don on the flared trousers…

I have a pair of beige loose fitting flare trousers that sit high at the waist, and are adorned with shiny gold poppet buttons all the way down. I either wear them buttoned up to be a little more sensible and civilised for work meetings, or relaxed days and evenings, or, I go a little bit crazy and pop them open up to the thigh for holidays, or those bigger nights out!

I can’t actually think how we would describe the current era fashion, but even though it might be hard to get my head around that right now, in a few years time, these 2010-2020 years will have their own unique fashion look.

Leggings and bralets? Blazers and shorts? Oversized jumpers? Flowing maxi dresses? Why is nothing quite jumping out at me right now to describe out current decade?…

I always think that the style secrets lie within the trousers, and looking at trouser trends over the years can identify a style trend from a far. Even in the Summer, I can’t keep away from trousers – it’s like I style up the rest of my outfits around them. Especially with my current obsession with the ranges from Chums … allllll the flares, the skinnies, the culottes, the crops and loose fit.

This infographic has been put together by Chums – the online ladies retailer – and it highlights a few key trends from various decades. As much as I fondly remember the 90’s (I’m a 1986 child!) my heart still lies in those decades I never got to experience – the super sassy and stylish 60’s and 70’s.

What is your favourite fashion era? And more to the point: can you put me out of my misery and let me know how you would sum up 2010-2020 in terms of style? Help a sister out! …

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