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Lovely news today – the beautiful Grace Kelly is the latest inspiration for the Barbie Doll. Don’t ask me why, but I have a thing for Barbie Dolls even at the age of 25. No I don’t mean I sit around playing with them (although many of you wouldn’t be surprised!) but I just find them fascinating, they are like mini sized perfect-looking people who wear fabulous clothes and have immaculate make-up and hair. Doll world huh!

So it’s no suprise that Grace Kelly is set to be immortilised, being made into three differently dressed Barbie Dolls. Each Barbie Doll will recreate one of Grace Kelly’s unforgetable looks, such as the ‘To Catch A Thief Doll’ where Kelly wore a floor length chiffon blue gown in the 1955 Hitchcock film (available now). Another look is the Bridal Doll (available Oct), where the doll will sport a lace wedding dress and delicate headpiece, replicating Grace Kelly’s wedding attire. The final look will be the Romance Doll (available Oct), wearing a black floral full-skirted dress to represent Kelly’s outfit the day she attended Cannes Festival and met her husband Prince Rainier III.

A percentage of all sales will go towards the Princess Grace Foundation, which helps raise money for aspiring dancers, actors and actresses.

I think this is a lovely way of celebrating the Princess, in a truly feminine and playful way! It’s made me think that actually- Barbie should launch a service where you can have a Barbie Doll designed after someone you know, right? How amazing would that be for a personalised present? Pricey I’m sure, but how lovely? I would be thrilled to bits if I was bought a Barbie Doll made after myself!

Just an idea!

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