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I started off 2017 in a really good place regarding fitness. I was working out around 3 times a week, I was going on long walks most Sundays, and I was limiting the amount of sugar and dairy I was consuming. I probably peaked about May/June time, and then I drastically went downhill.

I haven’t even updated any of my work out wear or gym clothing for the best part of six months. Work and the blog have completely gotten in the way over the past few months, and I’m determined to bring back on track for 2018.

First of all, I finally added a new addition to my fitness wardrobe, in the form of a new, professional pair of leggings from Fitted Clothing. I’ve been way overdue a pair of leggings for a while now, but when I say ‘leggings’, I mean an actual pair of supportive, good quality, performance leggings that work with me when I’m working out.

I’d heard about the launch of Fitted Clothing and their range of high quality, well-fitting and non-transparent leggings. They’ve been designed to suit and fit a wide range of different shaped and sized customers, meaning they have a comfortable fit for anyone – no matter your shape.

I’m currently wearing the Classic Fit in Midnight Black and I absolutely love them! As soon as I opened the packaging and felt them, I noticed how premium they were and could tell that quality was a big thing for this brand.

One thing I really like about these is that they are actually the first pair of gym leggings I own that come with pockets – little discreet ones that smoothly sit against the skin at the sides. The leggings are also non transparent, so none of that awkward knicker line or colour showing through!

These retail for £29.99 and I even wore them with a baggy jumper for work the other day, because they are so comfy and literally sculpt my shape.

The perfect leggings and I’m super happy with them!

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