Fashion: Brand Attic Shoes and Skirt

For today’s post, I wanted to share with you an online retailer which I’ve just recently discovered, which is Brand Attic. I’ve actually heard of them various times, and because I am a Manchester Blogger, I’ve seen their huuuuuge billboard sitting on the Mancunian Way flyover road. I knew they retailed fashion-forward clothing, but I guess I’d never sat down and fully browsed the site before.

In need or an affordable new pair of shoes to see me through a series of dressy events this up-coming party season, I headed to Brand Attic first to check out what their footwear offering was all about. And look! I spotted these beauuuuutiful pink/nude suede bow heels, which are exactly the type of heels I was looking for.

I’m only 5 ft. 3, so I always choose a slightly pointed court shoe heel, to give the illusion of a longer leg (ankle straps will shorten the leg when looked at from a distance believe it or not).

I also wanted a pair of nudey-pink shoes to replace my patent nude shoes which I literally can’t find anywhere. Ever feel like there’s a shoe eating Monster in your house that just eats them up sometimes, and you’re either left with one odd one, or just a missing pair? Probably the same Monster that attacks my socks…

Anyway, these are perfect. I wanted to steer away from the glittery, sparkle style shoes that people usually go crazy for around Christmas, because they literally just don’t get enough wear from me. I wanted a pair that will go elegantly with cream and beige dresses, gold and silver, black and white. I rarely wear bright colours, but if I did decide to, nude heels will go effortlessly with this colour scheme too.

And for £22 – what a bargain! Super pretty and chic.

I also opted for a new skirt too, which is something I haven’t added to my wardrobe for a long while now. I don’t know about you but I always forget about skirts. Like, when I go online to look for new items, I’ll sit and search through new dresses, playsuits, jumpsuits, shirts and trousers. I don’t know why I look over skirts.

As many of you will know, I’m all about basic blacks, whites, greys, creams and navy’s. So for versatility and lots of wear opportunities, I got my hands on this super cute, frill detail black skirt.

This ruffle style skirt is from the Fashion Union brand at Brand Attic, and retails at £26. I’m wearing it here with a pretty tan coloured top (you can find more about it here), but I also can’t wear it with a fitted crisp white blouse, as per the model over on the site. It has a trendy spin on the classic little black skirt that goes with everything – from work and play, to day time and formal outfits.

Overall I’m really happy with both of these new additions to my life, and I’ll be adding Brand Attic to my mental list in my head of favourite online retailers when it comes to payday!


Fashion Union Ruffle Black Skirt £26 at Brand Attic
Pink Suede Bow Heels £22 at Brand Attic

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