Fashion: All the things you need to know about petite fashion

what emma did
what emma did

If your body frame can be called petite, and you are struggling to find clothing that fits you right with being fairly short – as a fellow petite girl I am here to help! Below, I have gathered a few basic things and tips you should near in mind while dressing up for your petite body type. These tips will help you embrace your small figure and accentuate the parts of the body you can be most proud of. So, here they are: all the things you need to know about petite fashion…

Embrace high heels

If you are petite, that might also mean that you are pretty short as well. So one of the essentials of your wardrobe should be various high heels! It will visually make you look taller and longer rather than close to the ground and small. It also creates a truly feminine look you might wish to create since you might look like very young. And forget about flats – that just doesn’t work for you, and it just makes you look even smaller than you already are.

Know your brands

Another thing you should know about is your brands. Many different designer brands focus on tall and slim women. But there are some that also have special lines for ladies just like you! Petite lines can be found at such big names like ASOS, Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus. There are also a lot of High Street brands like Topshop, NEXT and Miss Selfridge which have a wide offering of petite styles in their petite range, capturing the latest styles.

Layer and layer, and layer!

Some clothing you are going to buy might not fit you well even if that is from the petite line. But various layering techniques can help you out and make every clothing piece look perfect on you. So if an item you love is fine in some places but too big in others, use layering strategically, and you won’t sacrifice your fashion sense at all! You will embrace it, actually!

Befriend the local tailor

As mentioned, many clothing can fit you well in some parts, and fit you ill on others. And sometimes even layering can’t help here. But you can always go to the local tailor and do some alternations! The right fit is the key element of looking stylish and well put. Then you work with a good tailor and fix the features for your body shape – you can win a lot! This way also guarantees you that you will be able to enjoy everything you find beautiful and love. Simply because with a little bit of work with a tailor – everything will fit you perfectly!

Know your necklines

Deep v-necks and low cuts are the right necklines for all small framed ladies. These necklines will help you lengthen your whole silhouette. But always remember to avoid turtleneck or other closed necklines. Otherwise, you will look even shorter and way near to the ground. Just leave some space for your neck and you will look just fine!

Pair shoes and bottoms in similar colour

This tip means that you should try to wear black shoes with black pants or leggings, light colour shoes with light jeans and so on. This matched colour scheme helps create the illusion of a longer figure. So look for shoes in shades of tan or brown that are close to your skin tone and make yourself look tall and slim!

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