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I love H&M. I love its quirky-ness, its cheap-ness, and above all, its unique-ness. I still love H&M even though it battered my ego – trying to squeeze myself into a tiny H&M dress on Christmas Eve, and hearing the mighty riiiiiipppppp as I climbed the stairs in a club really didn’t impress me at the time. But I had forgotten that H&M clothes are usually one size smaller than the average sizing when I bought the dress. Ahem….

T-Shirt designed by André Lorenz Stock

Last year, their collaboration with Jimmy Choo caused a stampede around all the stores. Stella McCartney’s range for H&M gave us a collection which was ‘Stella in a nutshell’, and bravo to Mr Karl Lagerfeld for allowing us to indulge in his designer clobber for a reasonable price. So this year, we have Andre Lorenz Stock. Um… and he is?

Thats exactly the reaction I was expecting. This time, the Swedish brand have collaborated with their youngest ever designer. Together they will be taking a trip down the customisation route and designing T-Shirts which interact with customers all over the world.

André Lonenz Stock is an 18 year old designer and founder of  T-Shirt label Black Book. The label started after André printed a H&M T-Shirt with his  own design. H&M were so intrigued by his entrepreneurial spirit that they have set up the exciting collaboration where André will customize his favorite prints sent in from customers, and place them onto Tee’s.

H&M customers will be encouraged to upload their pictures, from which André will pick his favorite ones, customize them and create a collection of 10 T-Shirts to go on sale in the Divided label.  If you fancy having the chance to see your face on a H&M T-Shirt, then send your contributions to before the 28th January, as the collection will go on sale in April. I have a feeling it will create a lot of positive hype for H&M; its nice to see a refreshing and exciting idea being brought to the High Street.

Black Book Collection

For the record, I wont be sending my picture in to be customized, unfortunately. Somehow I don’t think I’d be too happy if I spotted someone walking around with my face on their chest!

Visit for more details…

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