Beauty: What are Russian Volume Lashes?

I’ve recently got a new obsession, and its one my bank balance isn’t going to love. I’m currently on my third go with Russian Volume Lashes (photo above is straight after having them done the other week) and I have to say I can’t believe I came into this eyelash game sooooo late.

So I have ‘dabbled’ with classic lash extensions before, and many years on using disposable strip lashes, but these Russian Volume Lashes have literally transformed my appearance. Basically, they are applied the same way as classic lash extensions, however, they come in a range of ‘levels’ so to speak:

So you can get 1D (same as classic, which means 1 layer), 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D. Which basically means its 2 layer of layers, 3 layers and so forth. Now I’ve only gone as thick as 3D, as any more than 3D you can risk a heavier feel, increasing the chance of lashes falling out quicker due to number of lashes all packed on. However, if you have a really big event or need to be as glamorous as possible, 4D and 5D are brilliant for making your eyes look huuuuge…

For me, I’m super happy with 3D, which are still very much full, thick, voluminous and fluttery. The final effect is literally 3x the thickness and volume of my usual lashes, with a longer length so that my eyes are truly the focal point. The photo above shows my lashes three days after I had them done, just before heading off to be a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding.

Some lash experts will just select a length they feel works well with your natural lashes, normally a couple of millimeters longer than your own length. But, an excellent therapist however will give you a choice. I had mine done last week (well, 10-days ago) and my lash therapist gave me the choice, starting from 8 mm through to 15 mm.

She analysed my lashes and recommended I opt for 11 mm, slightly longer than my natural, and long enough to give a flirty, fluttery curl to the lengths and open up the corners more.

3D lashes take a while, so do be aware that saving aside a few hours for this treatment is a must. When I went the other week, I was there for 2 and a half hours, which is a long time keeping your eyes closed and remaining still lay on a bed! But the results are worth it – they really do make such a difference (and save on applying mascara!).

I’m also noticing it’s become such a booming beauty trend, with more and more people investing in quality Russian lashes as part of their monthly beauty routines. It’s no surprise there’s a growing number of skilled therapists and lash experts who specialise in this trade.

I always think it would be such a handy skill to have, as if you can do the job well, I expect therapists to never be out of work. The girl who now does mine constantly gets calls for bookings during the couple of hours I’m there. I actually came across a really good website which stocks everything you need for eyelash extensions, including education on training and courses. Perhaps this could be a potential new side line for me….

The two final photographs show what the 3D Russian Volume Lashes look like 10 days after having them applied, which as you can see, look full and voluminous – no gaps or sparse lashes. They say a good quality set of Russian lashes should last around 4-6 weeks, before then needing to perhaps get infills to bulk them back up again.

But, if you just wanted a full set without topping up with infills, you can expect about 8 weeks’ worth out of them.

Just a few things to bear in mind:

  • Getting them wet within the first 24 hours can loosen the glue and set you up for a weaker set of lashes, so try avoid water.
  • Also, keep mascara away, they don’t need it, and removing the mascara will only pull away at the lashes and again loosen the glue.
  • Keep an eyelash brush with you to brush the lashes lightly upwards – the longer your extensions, the more tangled they can get.

So there you go – my new obsession. Never shall I be without a full set of lashes again! (well, until I decide I can’t keep affording it….)

*Note: A full set of Russian 3D Volume cost me £50 with a Didsbury, Manchester, based therapist. I’ve paid up to £65 before, but some professionals based in salons can charge considerably higher. I have never had this treatment free or gifted for promotional purposes – just an obsessive habit of mine to spend my cold hard cash on! 


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