Beauty: Vitage Illuminating Tanning Drops

About a fortnight ago, a package arrived on my desk which completely transformed my mood. I opened up the box to reveal a florescent pink blow-up flamingo – just a small sized one – ideal for acting as a drinks holder, or as a fun inflatable for holidays. It’s quirkiness and cuteness made me so happy… but not as happy as what I was yet to discover!

I’ve recently been complementing a girl at work for her natural looking tanned face, and have been toying with the idea for a while now to start getting mine tanned up (without the actual sun or the use of sunbeds). So imagine my excitement when I pull out a luxury glass bottle, featuring exactly what I was looking for. A face tanner. YES!

The product itself is from Vitage skincare, their brand new Illuminating Tanning Drops. To look at, the colour appears quite intense – the liquid is a dark brown shade, and when you lift the lid off, the scent is quite potent. However, when you read the instructions, the drops are to be ‘watered down’ so to speak by mixing just 1-2 drops with your usual moisturiser or night cream.

So, I began my mission to try out these illuminating tanning drops, to see if my face could bronze up a little. It’s not the first time I’ve used a facial tanner, although the previous one was much subtler. It was basically an anti-aging facial serum from tanning brand Vita Liberata, and it was very gradual. Perfect for if you want just a slight touch of tan to develop slowly on your face.

But if you’re impatient – like me – or just want a deep, developed tanned face which looks naturally sun kissed and bronzed, then you’ll probably prefer the Vitage version. I put 2 drops into my moisturiser, and the two photos below show the results are 2 days of using, morning and night.

And on day 4, this is how tanned my face looks! WOAH! I look like I’ve just landed back from the Caribbean. My face has gone so much darker, and the drops have been super easy and pleasant to use.

The only downside is what I mentioned earlier on, that the scent is rather potent. But I guess all the good things in life have a downside! It’s like some of those super-powered skincare treatments, that smell really foul, like SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic (OK the Vitage drops don’t smell that bad).

So I just checked the Vitage site to see how much they cost, and see they retail at £39. I’d say that price is completely and utterly worth it – I’m genuinely over-the-moon about this product. However, I’ve noticed something that has made me sad: the product is a limited edition! I know I’m going to be re-buying this because I’m so so happy with the results, but I was hoping these drops would be a permanent line.

As you may have guessed from the blog post so far, I’ve found the product I’ve been searching for. The tan is natural looking yet very deep, it’s streak-free, it doesn’t break me out, it blends in perfectly and gives me a fresh looking glow. Vitage, you have no idea how happy I am to have discovered this product!

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