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naked smoky palette
naked palette
I’ve been meaning to get today’s post live for a couple of weeks now, as I have been so excited about sharing how fabulous I find the newest eyeshadow palette launched by cosmetic heroes Urban Decay. After the success of the cult Naked eyeshadow palettes (which come in Naked 1, 2 and 3) the latest addition is a little bit different. Introducing the gorgeous new evening inspired palette: The Naked Smoky Palette.

The collection of popular Naked palettes all consist of 12 hues which tend to sit along the neutral colour palette. Naked 1 is a favourite of mine, which I have featured previously here, and I love it mainly for it’s warmer natural browns and creamy shades. Naked 2 has slight cooler tones, and as for Naked 3, this one is a little more of a Summer essential in my eyes as it is all about rose golds and blush shades.

The Smoky Palette is much more dramatic and perfect for an evening look, although still carries the soft subtle hues of the original Naked palette, making it wearable for daytime too. Bringing a more colourful array to the Urban Decay palettes, this one see’s blues, purples, greys and browns mixed with matte neutrals to the right and shimmery pearls. Five of the shades are shimmery and great for that glistening touch, three have a slight sheer sparkle finish, and four are complete matte. I adore this collection for much, and layered up a number of the shades in this mini tutorial post to show you how I wore the colours for an Autumn evening out…

naked palette
naked smoky palette
urban decay naked palettes
First of all I primed my eyelids with Urban Decays eyeshadow primers, which you recieve as little sachets of different hues when you purchase the smoky palette. They are lovely, smooth cream textures which blend onto the eyelids after foundation and powder to create a crease-free base, a subtle hint of colour, and help your eyeshadow become long lasting. They come in orginial, eden, sin and anti-aging, with orginal being a quick dry nude cream base, eden specialising in it’s matte properties to prep lids, sin containing a slight shimmer formula, and anti-aging which is forumlated to correct colour and hide flaws. As I was going to be applying and blending an array of shimmery greys and browns, I opted to prime my lids with ‘sin’.

urban decay eyeshadow primer

urban decay eyeshadow primer
urban decay eye primer
As you can see, ‘sin’ leaves a sheer, glowy and fresh colour and texture over my eyes, ready for my eyeshadow application. For my evening look, I didn’t want to go too heavy as it was for a September evening where the nights were still fairly light, and I was wearing a dress that was actually from my Summer wardrobe, so a little bit of mid-tone shades to blend was all that was needed.

I used the following to create the below looks:
Base colour: High
Eyelid (below the crease):  Password with Radar blended on top
Outer corner: Dagger
All over blend: Dirty Sweet

Another favourite combination of is using the matte shade ‘combust’ applied to the eyelid, with the golden brown shimmer of ‘Dirtysweet’ swept over it, and building up a touch of shadowing with the deep brown shade of ‘Whiskey’. The shimmer and sheerness of Dirtysweet is so lovely, I now sweep this shade over every eyeshadow look if possible! It really opens my eyes up and gives a wide-awake look. I’m so impressed that the pigment of these colours are just as professional and quality as I expected.

what emma did
what emma did
what emma did
what emma did
what emma did
urban decay eyeshadow

Just so you have a round-up of this entire look, these are the super products that have made up this subtle but striking evening look alongside my new palette:

Concealer: Benefit Fakeup
Foundation: Vichy Dermablend
Powder: MAC Mineralise setting powder
Contour: Clinique Chubby Stick
Bronzer: Maybelline Mastersculpt (reviewed here)
Eyeliner: Barry M
Mascara: Lancome Grandoise
Eyebrows: MAC Lingering
Eyebrow highlighter: Billion Dollar Brows Highlighter and Concealer (also reviewed here)

If you have never tried the Naked palette collections, and are intrigued to treat yourself to an eyeshadow palette but feel a little overwhelmed with the choices, then obviously it is a personal choice but I can recommend what I feel would be best. Naked 1 is a fantastic starter palette, filled with warm neutral hues which can be blended up and layered to deeper evening looks, so I would opt for this one. However, if you know you want dramatic evening eyes, then I would honestly say just jump straight to the Smoky Palette.

This smoky palette is going to become a bestseller!

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