Beauty: Trying Out New Hairstyles

I really struggled this year to request what I wanted for Christmas. I’m always one of those people where when I want something, I just get it, regardless of whether its affordable or not. I also very kindly get gifted a lot of new launches across fashion, beauty and lifestyle products, so I totally understand when people say I’m a nightmare to shop for.

However, this Christmas there was one item I have asked my parents for: a Babyliss hair waving tool – you know the large barrel types which create big, bouncy waves rather than tight, close together curls? I’d go as far as to say I’m pretty damn lazy when it comes to my hair, it literally hangs straight every day, with no styling or movement.

I recently searched online for some lazy girl hair hacks, and found a little guide which shown me some easy ways to jazz up my barnet. I’m useless at pulling my hair up into an up-do, but their step-by-step top knot for dummies seems pretty simple. Maybe it’s just step-by-step tutorials I need to kick my backside into gear and actually get doing something with my hair!

To practice a little, I decided to dedicated this blog post to three hairstyles I’ve currently been trying out in a bid to style up my everyday look a little bit. Remember – I’m super lazy with my hair – so some of these are a big effort for me, and some are literally the quickest of the quick!

Pin curls

OK, so I don’t like to spend time with curling tongs wanding each strand of my hair. When I recently visited The Vintage Makeup Parlour to film tutorials, they shown me how to curl thick strands of hair with a ghd straightener, and then pin the curl up to the scalp. Then leave it for as long as you like.

The results from pin curling can be seen above and below, and as you can see, it’s such a stunning look! I think I would be inclined to sleep with these pin curls in (because I’m lazy for one!) and then let them loose the next day and give them a little re-style.

Rough dried

Here’s a take on my usual, super sleek look – a rough dried, shiny straight look. It’s not too much different from my usual style, but instead of making a cautious effort to blow dry smooth, I just tip my head upside down, blast away, and then smooth with a shine spray.

Luckily my hair is naturally straight so this is really achievable for me…

Soft blonde waves

OK so this look is my favourite of them all, and literally just takes a steady hand and the wide plate ghd straighteners. I took large sections of hair and pulled the wide plates through the strand, pulling downwards and curling under. I did this on around 6-8 large sections of hair, and then brushed through with my Tangle Teezer.

This style isn’t too great at staying put for the day though, as the soft waves can easily fall out. I’ll be ensuring a lot of hairspray is used on this look to keep it going that bit longer!

Hair Tools

The beauty of styling hair and making an effort with is totally worth it, because it’s one instant way to update your look without having to make major changes, or spend lots of money. Also hair styles can be used to take distraction – or make more of a focus – of a facial feature.

For example, a choppy fringe can disguise an over-sized forehead, and a severe side parting can take attention away from the central features of your face – such as your nose. Non-surgical treatments are becoming more and more popular for facial enhancements these days, especially non-surgical nose jobs (find out more at Singapore Dore Aesthetics). Making more effort with hair styling and working with your features is a much more affordable and quicker way to update your look.

Whilst we’re talking about hair, I recently received a number of super cute crystal and pearl combs and pins for hair from a brand called Scunci – designed for those all-important occasions. Ideal for proms, weddings and formal parties, the combs and pins slot into hair to either add a touch of elegance, add volume to the crown, or help pin hair into place without the need for unattractive bobby pins.

I’m yet to try these out, but literally fell it love with the range of sparkling diamante accessories when I opened the package. Now I just need an occasion for an excuse to wear them…

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