Beauty: The B. Cassie Lomas Sheer Illuminator at Superdrug

As the highlight and contour trend looks like its going no where fast (and thank god too – I can’t imagine anything replacing my highlight and contour obsession), I discover a new highlighting product I’ve added to my already HUGE collection.

Introducing the B. Cassie Lomas Sheer Liquid Illuminator Highlighter, which costs just £9.99 from Superdrug. This pump action product is a multi-purpose illuminator that adds a hint of radiance, aiming to give glowing, youthful skin. Its one of those highlights which you apply all over your face (or just to certain features if you prefer) after you moisturise, allowing it to settle into the complexion before adding foundation, concealer and any contour product.

The above photo’s show my face after cleansing and moisturising, and then applying the illuminator all over my face. I let it sink in, and then added a little bit extra to the tops of my cheeks, center of my forehead and down my nose – the places I want to bring out a little more.

These are naturally the places I apply a powder highlighter to finish off my makeup face, so hopefully this illuminator will boost the glowing power!

When you pump it out, the product comes out as a creamy champagney-cream shade packed with shimmery pigments. Although quite shimmery and glistening when applied, its fast-absorbing and leaves the skin with just a radiant gleam, with flickers of shimmer in the places I applied twice.

Although the photos don’t do it brilliant justice because I’ve applied a full face of foundation (Vichy Dermablend followed by POP finishing powder and Charlotte Tilbury contour powder), the illuminator glows through my foundation, leaving my all over complexion with that soft subtle gleam.

However, the tops of my cheeks where more highlighter was applied comes through even more and gives that illusion of the light hitting those areas. Underneath, I applied a strong contour sweep under my cheekbones to finish off defining and sculpting my face.

Overall, it’s a reasonably affordable illuminator which adds that hint of radiance to the complexion. I’ve also been using this – just a light once over layer – on top of my moisturiser when I do my daytime makeup for work. I don’t usually wear illuminator without then applying makeup, just because I always tend to find it glows through more perfected and natural when a touch of concealer or foundation is added on top.

I’ve also got a couple of the new eyeshadow pigments from the Cassie Lomas range at Superdrug too, so look out for a review of these coming up soon too!

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