Beauty: Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner Review

Out of all the different tanning products out there, I’m a gradual tanning girl. I do love a good quality instant tan, especially for an occasion, and I certainly love the effects from a spray tan.

But for that all year round healthy glow and touch of warmth to my pasty skin, I’m super satisfied with a light gradual indoor tanning lotion.

I recently blogged about Skinny Tan’s Express Tan (which you can read here), and how fabulous it was when I needed an instant bronzing and pop of colour for a weekend. So I decided to check out the rest of their range, and invest in their Gradual Tanner.

It comes in a pretty pastel green tube, and as soon as I take the lid off and dispense the lotion into my hands, the delicious scent pretty much fills the room. It smells lightly of coconut, and instantly reminds me of Summer holidays.

What I like about this lotion is that it’s super easy to apply, because it’s fairly thick in texture so you can see where it’s rubbing into the skin. After just 8 hours, it’s already developed into a noticeable medium tan, so technically, any more applications are just topping up and intensifying the colour.

I like to apply it every other day, as its packed with moisturising benefits too so it keeps my skin soft and hydrated. Even if I forget to apply it and only use it twice a week, I still have a natural looking tan which builds up subtly.

I’ve been applying it to my full body now we’re in Summer, including my back. So I thought I’d share some recently gym photos which show how gentle the bronze colour is which develops, after just 2 applications (with a 3 day gap). It seems to work in with my natural skin colour and develop a shade which suits me – not too dark, not too light.

You can get the tan for around £14.99 from beauty retailers such as Superdrug. Thanks to this gradual tanner, I don’t have to face this UK heatwave with white pasty skin!

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