Beauty: No Filter Needed App for Hair and Makeup in Manchester

It’s a very rare occasion I get my hair ad makeup done by the professionals. I don’t know if its due to me never giving myself time for all those luxuries in life, or it’s because I’m trained myself (in makeup, definitely not trained in hair!), but either way, it’s not something I ever do.

However, when I was offered the opportunity to have the team at No Filter Needed visit my home on my birthday weekend and carry out my party makeup and hair, I decided to jump at the chance!

Janine and Joshua set up in the comfort of my living room, and discussed with me the type of look I wanted to go for. I was already pretty sure what I wanted: a bronzey, deep brown eyeshadow look, a ¬†bold brow and a warm complexion (glowing of course!). For hair, I wanted soft waves with a touch of volume. For those who now me, you’ll know I have ridiculously fine hair which lacks any type of volume of lift. I always wear it straight because I’m useless with a curling iron, so I was quite intrigues to see what Joshua could do!

The first thing I want to mention is that both stylists were super friendly, and the three of us chatted away as Janine worked on my face, and Joshua began on my hair. They certainly had some speed behind them, as I was originally booking in for an hour-2 hour slot, but within 10 minutes of them arriving I was already well underway.

Janine used some new brands and products I’ve not used before to achieve my look. She used lots of Laura Mercie on my face, in the form of foundation, setting powder and a buffing brush for a smooth and natural application. I also had a touch of golf/bronze glitter on my eyelids from the new Stila products.

A light contour and a touch of highlight, I was done. Joshua finished off my hair with a spritz of hairspray, and I looked in the mirror. Lets not deny it’s always awkward when you get your hair and makeup done and then its the reveal time!

I absolutely loved the final results – I can honestly say my makeup has never looked for flawless, bringing out all my best features (like my blue eyes!). And as for my hair, I don’t think it’s ever looked that amazing. Joshua used a straightener to create waves, and who knows how he sneaked in the volume!

I was overly happy with the result, calling both of them ‘My Dream Team’ over on my Instagram.

For those who haven’t yet heard of No Filter Needed – it’s basically a hair and makeup app service. You select what you are looking for (service wise), you enter your preferred date and postcode, and your appointment gets booked. Everyone is looking for makeup and hair to come to them these days, from the comfort of your own home. I ¬†mean, let’s be realistic, we don’t always have time to head to a salon.

I headed off to an Italian restaurant that evening with my family, each one complimenting me on my look. Thank you to the team at No Filter Needed – absolute stars!

The No Filter Needed website is launching soon, and you’ll soon be able to use the app and get trying out the service yourself! I know I’ll most definitely be booking again…

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