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neal and wolf
Recently, I’ve been featuring a number of luxury and premium beauty products on the blog, so I thought I’d continue it today with a lovely hair care brand review. I was recently introduced to a hair care brand called Neal and Wolf, which upon first glance at the website instantly made me aware this was a high quality brand. The sheer and shiny white and deep purple packaging, with elegant silver lettering presented to me an elegant range of hair care, which I hoped would be as special as they looked.

The Neal and Wolf brand describe their brand as ‘a hair care collection that redefines indulgence as a right not a privilege’. I do love this little quote, I mean, caring for beautiful hair should be treated as an indulgence, and these products certainly look like indulgence products.

A couple of other little facts that stood out to me before trying the range included their unique fragrance, created by a world famous perfumery. Luxury hair care is always more enjoyable when the scent is so fabulous. Every product is also tried and tested by customers and salon professionals, so the item perform and deliver the results we are looking for. So without further waffle (I’ve been using that line a lot lately!) here’s a run-down on the products I’ve been using…

neal and wolf
neal and wolf
Intensive Care Shampoo: Also known as the ‘harmony’ shampoo on the website, this cleanser has been specially created to repair damaged hair, using a unique combination of intensive conditioners that deliver an instant transformation. My blonde hair is very dry and super damaged, and I usually just rely on my conditioner to look after the problem areas of it. However, this shampoo does a great job on it’s own! It’s creamy texture moisturises and hydrates the hair, leaving it more de-tangled, fresh, clean and soft.

Intensive Care Treatment Conditioner: Again, also known as the ‘harmony’ treatment, this treatment is designed to be left on the hair for 3-5 minutes to really penetrate deep and work it’s magic. It’s sweet and musky perfume fragrance is devine, and feels like a real treat when massaging into the hair. When washed out, my hair feels so smooth and shiny it’s almost slippery! I’m sure some of you know what I mean when I’m trying to describe that (hopefully anyway…). I’ve used this conditioning treatment approximately three times now, and it really is a great nourishing treatment for damaged hair. I’d totally recommend it for parched blonde hair to rectify frazzled locks.

neal and wolf
Guard – Heat Protection: This is an essential spray to spritz onto the hair once damp, before blow drying. It features a silk protein complex to lock in moisture, protecting against heat up to 220°c, which is great for all the ghd users out there (like myself!). It also contains meadowfoam seed oil to give hair a glossy and vibrant finish. I find it helps with de-tangling too, and works wonders at giving hair that after blow-dry shine. I’ve lightly sprayed this onto my hair before straightening too, but only very lightly as not to weigh down the hair.

Silk- Smoothing Blow Dry Balm: This cream textured balm is best used smoothed through damp hair, again before blow drying. It aims to put an end to tangles and frizz, by taming any unruly hair and giving a conditioning effect. It’s hydrating wheat protein complex provides moisture, balance and manageability, and I certainly noticed how soft and sleek this helped my hair to feel.

Glow – Super Shine Spray: A shine spray to use on dry finished hair is always an essential for me, so I was overly pleased to see results with this. Glow is a weightless spray that adds a deep, lasting shine. Its unique formula also helps to smooth hair, controlling frizz and reducing static. The brand aims for this to give an incredible all-over shine that leaves hair glowing, and I have to agree it’s provides a fantastic shine! I hold the spray about 20 cm away from my hair and lightly spray on like a light coating of hairspray. It has a non-crispy texture, with no hard residue either. Just a lovely refreshing shine!

One of the other plus points to this brand is that the products look so pretty on my dressing table. Prices range from around £10 – £30, and would also make precious gifts for friends and family…

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