Beauty: My Clinical Skin Peel Experience at Skin HQ, Manchester

As part of freelancing for Lovin Manchester, I shared my account of experiencing a £70 facial peel in Manchester over on the news site yesterday. After all, having a £70 advanced clinical facial peel is a big deal, right? And it’s certainly a ‘treat’ when it comes to skincare regimes.

Clinical peels are allllll the rage lately. Everyone is talking about them and how they are now the ‘wow’ treatment for a quick turnaround when it comes to the complexion.

For me, my problems lie across fine lines, breakouts, pigmentation and dullness, so I was super keen to tackle this with the help of an exceptional peel. Did I find this help? Have a read on…

Here’s What A Facial Peel Can Do To Your Skin In Just A Few Hours

When it comes to skincare, I like to think I’m quite good at looking after my complexion. I’ll often put in a good effort when it comes to cleansing, toning and moisturising – and I even go as far as a twice weekly face mask.

But it doesn’t mean I have fresh, glowing, spot-free skin. I still look tired, with a dull complexion, pesky spots popping up and those fine lines and wrinkles deepening (the more stressed/sleep deprived I get).

After doing some intensive research around improving my red skin pigmentation, deep freckles and marks, dull texture and breakouts, I decided to give something different a go: I was off to get a clinical facial peel.

I headed off to Skin HQ, based at 3-5 Saint John Street, basically because I saw they offer personalised clinical peel treatments, which are also kind to the skin. I’m always keen to look into the type of skincare products that clinics use whilst carrying such treatments.

As in, in my eyes, they should always be high-tech and effective, where I can feel and see a difference from using them during my facial.

In a nutshell, the skin care products Skin HQ use to carry out the clinical facial peels are provided by MESOESTETIC® – a brand which help to maintain skin’s radiance and day to day health.

I researched this brand a little prior to booking in for a peel, and saw that it’s a popular option for skilled and professional aesthetics use.

When I arrived at Skin HQ, I had a full consultation with the aesthetician first, who talked me through the peels and assessed my skin. Together, we decided it was best to have the Advanced Dermapeel Mesoestetic® clinical peel, with a bespoke amendment to include 10% salicylic acid.

This peel is designed to treat acne, hyperpigmentation, signs of ageing, couperose, rosacea, stretch marks and other minor imperfections.

The peel itself costs £70, so in my eyes it’s fairly premium, although a course of 3 is ideally put forward for the best results.

The therapist began with an intense cleanse, before prepping my skin and then applying the peel. The whole procedure was much quicker than expected – the peel was applied and left to work away for no more than 10 minutes.

To say it was a clinical peel, I was expecting a bit of stinging or uncomfortable feelings during the treatment. But the worst I experienced was a tingling sensation.

When it came to remove the peel, a cooling lotion was applied to take down any redness, so by the time my skin protection products and moisturiser was applied to finish, my redness had pretty much all gone.

So overall, it was a facial peel that gave me no downtime, (hardly) any redness and just a slight tingling sensation.

But what about the results?

I didn’t expect instant results, but when I was handed a mirror, I noticed a glowing, fresh, almost shiny squeaky-clean complexion looking back at me. The therapist explained that when the peel was ‘doing its magic’, my blackheads and sun pigmentation came to the surface quite heavy, which is a sign that the peel formula is tackling it.

I have to say my pores were all closed after the peel, and any blackheads were pretty much invisible. My pigmentation was slightly faded, although I would need a good few returning visits before that bad boy got properly shifted.

I just looked ‘healthier’ – more radiant. I didn’t apply makeup for 48 hours after the treatment, and when the day came to apply it, the makeup seemed to sit nicely onto my skin, gliding on much more easily, as if the texture of my skin was much more smoother.

The prescription skin peel was designed to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, increase hydration and to lighten pigmentation, acne, whiteheads and skin blemishes.

I’d say you would need a good course of 3 to get 10/10 results on all of the above, but I was super happy to see improvements in all categories after just one treatment.

It’s a lovely skincare clinic with excellent staff, and it literally took up around 30 minutes of my time – tops.

Now I just need to ask for a second and a third course as potential birthday presents.

Full review can be found over at Lovin Manchester here.

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  1. April 18, 2018 / 2:30 pm

    I am desperate to get one of these!!
    I need to find a place that does these around Cambridge near me. I will research.
    Thanks for the review!
    Debs @

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