Beauty: Mark by Avon Liquid Lip Lacquer

With being a beauty blogger and a makeup artist, I happen to have a stupidly high, non-acceptable amount of lipsticks and glosses to my name. The collection just keeps growing and growing, getting more ridiculous by the day.

With that in mind, I only went and made it worse when I discovered the mark.Liquid Lip Lacquer collection at Avon. You see the thing with me is that I love lipsticks – I love the finish, the feel, the intensity and the texture. But, I love the application of a gloss, and how the glide on with sponge tip applicators and tend to have that extra pop of shine.

So when I heard about these circulating around social media, I knew they seemed more than your average Liquid Lip Lacquer. Although these liquid lipsticks apply like gloss, they have the same properties I love about lippy: the last for hours, they give moisturising comfort, they leave a creamy, fuller texture and feel denser.

They come in two types: Matte and Shine. I’m always much more of a matte girl, but I do love a pop of shine as mentioned before for evenings out.

So now I’m loaded up with them, with a shade to suit pretty much every occasion. I’ve noticed that the Matte Liquid Lip Lacquers give that lasting, creamy-velvet, sculpted lip perfection that never feathers or bleeds. And as for the full-on Shine Liquid Lip Lacquers, these seem to be better at sculpting and saturating lips in a lasting, non-sticky vinyl look that never feathers or bleeds.

Don’t you just hate it when usual lip glosses get pieces of hair stuck to your lips, leaving you to pull away the hair with a tacky residue? That’s exactly why I prefer liquid lip products which act as lipsticks!

For £8, you can choose from 12 matte shades and 12 shine shade, which I think is a pretty good deal. The colour variety is pretty extensive too, with my favourites being the pink ‘Blushing’ from the shine collection (that I’m wearing on the top photo) and Dare to Bare from the matte collection (which I’m wearing on the second to top photo of me)

You can see more photos on my Instagram page!

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  1. October 19, 2017 / 12:00 pm

    Dare To Bare is such a stunning shade on you!

    Sara – Flemingo

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