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So the official countdown is on before I hit the big 3-0. I told you I’d be posting lots about it during the run up! It’s rather strange, I mean if you had asked me this time last year how I was feeling about it, I’d have been terrified. I was more than enjoying my twenties, and felt it kept me youthful sitting in the twenties age group. I really was dreading reaching that age where you should really have your whole life ‘sorted out’. Visions of all the 30 year old’s I’ve met who are mothers, wives, home-owners and managers, all settled and done with anything a bit loosely organised, scatty or youthful, just kept flashing in front of my eyes.

But that’s just a stereotype. At just two sweet weeks away from 30, I don’t feel the pressure to adhere to that stereotype anymore. I’m not a mum yet, nor am I a wife. But I am a manager, and I also have my own business (What Emma Did – of course!). I do own my own house too, but none of those factors define me. I really don’t see it like that. For me, 30 is about how you act and feel, and quite frankly, I feel about 25!

For me, how you look and carry yourself when approaching 30 is what I class as important, and that’s just totally my opinion by the way, before I go any further. I’ve always been quite on the ball with caring for myself, both internally and externally. Being in your late twenties means you should care for your skin a lot more than before, pay attention to your body, and to treat yourself with essential time out or pampering. One of the things I thoroughly love to do is to book into beauty salons or spas, whether its for relaxing and unwinding, or booking in for massages, facials or even workout time. In today’s busy world, it can be hard to squeeze in regular visits, but I’m going to making much more of an effort now I’m entering my thirties…

salon brochure
For those who don’t make much ‘me’ time, and are a little unsure about visiting salons and spas, you may be wondering what actually makes a good salon. Here are a few pointers I’ve drawn up myself from booking in for many treatments over the years…

1. Extensive Choices
Find a salon which offers the full beauty regime. That includes the most common offerings such as facials, waxing, massages, nails and feet. It’s beneficial if the salon offers more wider scale treatments too, such as eyebrows, make-up, permanent make-up, lashes, spray tanning and laser hair removal. Some even offer botox, fillers and skin rejuvenation in the same salon too, making it a full offering. This means once you are happy with the level of service for certain treatments, you know you are in good hands if wanting to book in for others…

2. Cleanliness and Staff Hygiene
Along with the therapists being welcoming and friendly, a general feel of a clean, hygienic salon is vital when making an appointment. Staff should wear the appropriate uniform, and have clean utensils and equipment made visible throughout any treatments. I always feel the salon has a team of professional staff who genuinely care for their reputation if they wear beauty tunics, with flat shoes and hair tied back. Cleanliness, hygiene and health and safety are so important, so make sure you call into the salon first to have a chat about treatments/prices, and scope all these factors out before booking in.

3. Ambiance and Atmosphere
Going to ┬ábeauty salon or spa means you are pretty much going to improve something – whether is an exfoliating facial, a tanning treatment or an eyebrow wax. Whilst you are treating and pampering yourself, you need the atmosphere to be tranquil, relaxing and soothing. What you don’t need to see is angry therapists ranting about late clients, or gossiping to each other whilst with clients. I’ve seen it all, and trust me, it ruins the experience. The nicest of salons have aromatherapy candles lit, relaxing background music, and the clients 100% attention.

4. Training and Qualifications
To me, it’s always a good sign when you spot numerous training certifications and qualifications displayed on the walls. If you have well trained staff, then why not flaunt it? Everyone wants to know that they are in the very best of hands when under going any treatment, so it goes without saying that it’s only a positive thing to show off the proof. Luckily,you’ll notice a lot of salons have these on display – so be wary about the ones who don’t.

the nail kitchen
For me, I’m going to start being more aware of the stresses and strains I put my body through. These range from working out, hunching over computers, and carrying heavy bags around with me everywhere I go. So I’ll be making a conscious effort to make regular massage appointments, after all, my body won’t be getting any younger!

And the same goes for my face. As the fine lines are starting to creep in and the smallest of age spots appear, I’ll be making much more effort to opt for rejuvenating facials and skin renewing treatments.

Are you a beauty salon regular? Or have you just turned 30 and have made some of your own beauty goals? Do feel free to share them with me!

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