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look fantastic beauty box
Here I am again – sharing with you yet another exciting un-boxing session with the latest beauty box from Look Fantastic. This time, it’s all themed on you, caring for you, looking after you, and being the best you. Hence being called Hello Beautiful! This box in particular celebrates everything to do with being the most beautiful you, so lets get stuck in…

First of all, I love how the turquoise and the bright pink complement each other, and they kind of release some sort of happy feeling and positive vibe for me when I look at the box. Could me just me, but either way, awesome colour scheme for the month of May. As usual, I was very happy to come across the latest issue of Elle. These #LFBeautyBoxes keep me way up to date with my fashion reading, and I hope this little inclusion continues month by month…

look fantastic beauty box
look fantastic beauty box
look fantastic beauty box
look fantastic beauty box
So here we go, a little run down and my thoughts on some of the goodies I have just unboxed…

Eve Lom Cleanser and Muslim: Hooray! My favourite cleanser, in which I’ll be blunt and say I can never afford to purchase it, has arrived in this box. It may be just a 5ml sachet, but it still contain this legendary cream cleanser. It also comes complete with a muslin cloth to ensure a thorough clean. I do love muslin cloths, and I tend to get my ma little mucky with using them so much, so new ones are always appreciated. I’ve discussed the Eve Lom cleanser in other beauty related posts on here before, but I’ll summarise to say that I do find this cleanser is worth the hype. It’s a thick and creamy decadent cleanser, enriched with four essential plant oils. It’s ideal for all skin types and achieves results quickly in terms of fresh, clean, smooth and supple skin. Love love love…

look fantastic beauty box
Wet Brush: So here’s a confession – I already own a Wet Brush, but I absolutely love it, so is it greedy to say I was over the moon to receive another one? It is really, isn’t it. The thoughtful side of me says I should save this and gift it to a friend who would get the benefit and use out of this fabulous brush, but the selfish, beauty loving side of me wants a second one, in case I lose the first. So the selfish, beauty loving side of me wins I’m afraid. Sorry friends! You can see my thoughts on this brush over here at my previous review, but if you can’t be too fussed to go and read it right now, then just mark my words when I say that his is super at getting the knots and tangles out from wet hair without causing any damage. For £11.99, it’s an investment (or just get the May LF box and get the brush plus a lot more goodies!)

look fantastic beauty box
Revlon Uniq One Coconut Hair Treatment: This all-in-one hair treatment is a leave-in hair treatment spray with sweet smelling coconut which hosts so many benefits to all hair types. It’s made up of a unique concept in hair care, as it aims to provide 10 benefits to all hair types, from shine and frizz control, to heat protection and UVA/UVB protection. It’s also said to be great for those who dye their hair shades of dark browns and reds, to avoid colour fade. Although you can use it on wet or dry hair, I’ve been using it on damp hair before blow drying. So far, I’m noticing the added shine it brings to my freshly dried hair, and how it tames the unruly dry frizz I have from having slightly frazzled blonde locks. It also claims to add volume and body, which I haven’t experienced myself, but then again I do own the flattest hair in the world which is pretty impossible to boost with just a product.

This spray is enriched with a fresh coconut fragrance, notes of vanilla and a touch of hazelnuts. I would say this coconut treatment is great for detangling too though, and it works really well with the Wet Brush mentioned above. Regularly use is meant to prevent split ends too, so I’ll definitely carry on using this.

Ioma Paris 7 jours Rituel Tabs: I haven’t heard of this brand or product range before, but was very intrigued to find out more after discovering this sleek box in the beauty box this month. When opening, a row of 7 travel size tabs are revealed, each containing a dose of hydrating creme to use on the face day or night. Now this has come at an ideal time, because how smart is this for holidays? I’ve actually decided to save these for my upcoming holiday, so I can’t quite review how I think the product comes across yet, and what results it delivers. What I will say though, is that from researching this product, it looks like the hydrating creme is a rich and creamy texture, aiming to soften, plump and provide elasticity to the skin, so I’m genuinely looking forward to giving this handy pack a go.

ioma paris
Vichy Lift Activ Supreme Anti Wrinkle and Firmness Cream: If you read my blog often, you’ll know my number one foundation is from Vichy (the Vichy Dermablend range, you can see a review here). So any other product which comes along from the Vichy brand is already sold to me, and I admit I am completely biased. But what you have to bear in mind is that Vichy is generally expensive, and it’s products all sit within the high end, premium beauty category. A 50ml tub of this product costs £30, so to receive a 15ml sample size is quite generous to me.

All vichy skincare products are paraben free and hypoallergenic, and I always find they smell ‘neutral’, if you know what I mean. A bit scent-less, but with a touch of something nice. I’m probably really not making sense anymore! Totally thoughts out loud when  talk about Vichy. This cream aims to combat the signs of ageing whilst intensely moisturising. It works to counteract the onset of wrinkles and firm the skin, along with lifting and hydrating, creating an instant soft-focus appearance with a smoothing effect. It’s for dry to very dry skin, which is a good call because lately my skin is starting to get so much more dryer (maybe as I’m approaching 30…)

It contains a unique blend of utilises rhamnose, a naturally derived anti-ageing active ingredient to target signs of ageing as they appear on the skin. This promises to brighten a tired, fatigued complexion whilst firming and boosting radiance. I do notice that this cream melts into the skin instantly and leaves a super soft and supple feel, freshening up my face too. Perhaps with continued use, I can start to comment on the aging. A great moisturiser which so far hydrates and nourishes perfectly.

vichy liftactiv
Decleor Intense Nutrition Comforting Cocoon Day Cream: Again, after many years of loving the Decleor Prolagene Gel, I’m already a won over Decleor fan, so I have high hopes for the Intense Nutrition day cream already. On first glance, it does sound quite intense, and I wondered whether it would be a little heavy for my skin. But hey, my skin is dry, and it seems like intense day creams now work their magic on my parched skin! This product boasts a soft and rich formula that aims to nourish, comfort and protect the skin from harmful elements. It has a nutri-protect complex, boosting what is known as ‘lipid synthesis’ to reconstruct an optimum skin barrier to help improve skin quality. It is formulated with cranberry, avocado oil and argan oils, which work well in terms of the name ‘comforting cocoon cream’, as these are rich, creamy and soft properties to provide moisture, hydrating and regeneration. So far, this is a lovely textured cream which feels very indulgent to use…
decleor intense
REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial: This is a luxurious night time facial cream which is designed to use 2-3 times a week. You simply apply it before bed, and don’t need to rinse it off in the morning, as the product aims to work it’s magic throughout the night. I’ve only got round to using this once up to now, but so far it looks like a lovely little treat whilst I sleep, so I’ll be keeping this on my bedside table. The product aims to rejuvenate the skin with a unique three-phase complex, transforming the skin overnight to leave you with a brighter, refined complexion. I used this on it’s own as I always get worried about applying too many products, but you can use over serum or under moisturiser too.

It contains tropical fruit acids to exfoliate skin to remove dead skin cells, promoting smooth, radiant skin. It also features minerals and sugars to energise cells, and omega oils repair and soothe skin. It is also said to include yeast fermentation to encourage a plumped and healthy looking appearance. REN products have a great reputation, and this one seems ideal for the more lazy girls like me who like to slap something on and leave it to work over night without doing anything else. Excited to try this a second time tonight!…

So there we have it, the May #LFHelloBeautiful box un-boxed once again. I eagerly anticipate the arrival of June’s…

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